Can You Use Bedliner On Fender Flares? (Solved)

For off-road enthusiasts, fender flares do a marvelous job of protecting the paint from dirt and scratches. Fender flares, in some ways, improve the aesthetics of a truck.

Like other parts of the car, fender flares are also vulnerable to damage, especially if they are constantly hit by mud and debris.

Bedliner is one of the durable coatings that can protect fender flares from damage. Therefore, it is advisable to use a bedliner on fender flares.

Doing so will preserve the fender flares from wear. At the same time, it will give the flares a more rugged look.

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How to Spray Bedliner on Fender Flares?

Using a bedliner on fender flares is a pretty straightforward task. You only need a few things: your bedliner of choice, primer (go for plastic primer if you have plastic fender flares), car wash shampoo, a microfiber cloth, and some water.

Step 1 – Uninstall the Fender Flares

Unless you intend to spray the bedliner over the entire truck, you should remove the fender flares to avoid overspray. Uninstalling fender flares is easy. You only need to unscrew the bolts holding the flares in place and pop them off.

Step 2 – Give the Flares a Thorough Wash

If you love going off-road, chances are that your fender flares are pretty dirty. Give the flares a thorough wash using shampoo and water.

If you can access a pressure washer, that would be better because it will guarantee faster removal of dirt. Give the flares enough time to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3 – Sanding

Fender flares should be sanded before the application of the bedliner. The sanding aims to create a rough surface for the bedliner to bite. Sanding is crucial in ensuring the bedliner sticks for longer on the fender flares.

Step 4 – Spray Plastic Primer on the Flares

What follows is spraying primer on the fender flares. What’s the purpose of primer? This product is designed to promote adhesion between the bedliner and the fender flares.

It may be tempting to skip the primer part, but this product plays a crucial role in increasing the durability of your bedliner on the fender flares. Ensure that every surface of the flare is covered with an adhesion promoter. Let it stay overnight so that it cures.

Step 5 – Spray 2 or 3 Coats of Bedliner

Once the primer has dried, you can proceed to spray a suitable bedliner. There are many bedliners in the market ranging from Raptor to Line-X.

Choose a liner that is durable and looks more aesthetically pleasing. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when spraying the bedliner.

Step 6 – Let the Bedliner Dry Before Installing the Fender Flares

You should let the fender flares sprayed with the bedliner dry for around 24 hours before putting them back on. And you will be done with installing the bedliner over the fender flares. Now you can enjoy better protection against the elements.

Which Color Bedliner Should I Use on Fender Flares?

For fender flares, black is the universal color. However, you are free to be as creative as you want. The good thing about bedliners is that they are available in many colors.

Therefore, you can choose a suitable color that matches your truck or stands out on its own. When it comes to color, this is more of a personal preference.

Why Should You Apply Bedliner to Fender Flares?

There are two main reasons why people spray bedliner on fender flares;

1. To Get a More Durable Coating on the Flares

The first and most important reason truck owners spray bedliner to fender flares is to get a more durable coating.

The original finish of fender flares is often vulnerable to harsh conditions. With the bedliner on it, it will be more resistant to damage, wear, and tear.

2. For Aesthetics

The other reason you should apply a bedliner to fender flares is to improve aesthetics. After a while, fender flares start to fade due to UV and mud exposure.

Applying a fresh coating of the bedliner can revamp faded fender flares. Even if they are not faded, the bedliner creates a pleasant and rugged finish that you will appreciate.

Spraying vs. Brushing Bedliner on Fender Flares

There are two ways you can apply a bedliner on fender flares. You can either spray or paint it with a brush. Both options coat your fender flares with a bedliner, but the processes are slightly different.

The spray option is the most popular because it is the easiest. However, if you are experienced in automotive painting, you can apply the bedliner using a brush. The latter will result in a more uniform finish as long as you have excellent precision.

How Long Will Bedliner Last on Fender Flares?

A bedliner correctly applied on well-prepared fender flares can last more than three or four years. That’s an incredibly long time, making it a project worth investing your time and efforts in.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the bedliner will last for many years on fender flares. Most bedliner products are pretty durable and are capable of withstanding harsh conditions. Therefore, this is a project that will offer lasting results.

What is the Best Bedliner to Use on Fender Flares?

There are tons of bedliner brands in the market. All promise a durable and aesthetically pleasant coating. However, before choosing a bedliner for fender flares, you must confirm if it’s the best. Customer reviews can provide you with unbiased pros and cons of the bedliner.

According to most truck owners who have used bedliner on their fender flares, Rustoleum is often the go-to choice. Rustoleum creates a durable and pleasant finish. It’s cheap, widely available, and easy to use.

Can I Use Acetone When Applying Bedliner on Fender Flares?

Acetone is a strong solvent that will dissolve any impurities on the surface. Bedliners do well on a clean and dry surface.

Therefore, you may consider using some acetone on fender flares before applying a bedliner. However, acetone, though useful, it does have some risks.

 Acetone can damage soft plastic. Also, when left behind, it can lead to bedliner failure. If you can clean the fender flares with shampoo and water, there is no need for acetone.

A lot of people recommend the use of acetone in preparation. But it’s essential to understand the risks associated with it.

Bedliner vs. Spray Paint on Fender Flares

There are usually two main options when revamping the finish of old and worn-out fender flares. You can either paint or apply a bedliner. Don’t be so quick to dismiss either option because each has its advantages.

Take paint, for example. A paint job allows you to create an impressive finish on the fender flares. Paint will make your flares stand out. Also, a paint job can easily be touched up when necessary.

On the other hand, a bedliner is more durable than paint. This makes it suitable for cars whose fender flares have to deal with a lot of mud and debris off-road.

If you prefer aesthetic benefits, go for paint. And if you want a durable coating, a bedliner is your safest bet.

How Does Bedliner Compare to Buying New Fender Flares?

A set of new fender flares will cost more than spraying a bedliner on them, especially if you do it yourself. But specific scenarios determine whether you should buy new flares or revamp them with some bedliner.

If your flares are completely worn-out, you should buy new ones. However, if they are still in great shape, it would make sense to apply a bedliner to them.

This durable coating will prolong the lifespan of fender flares. It’s why you should consider installing it on new fender flares.

What’s the Cost of Having Bedliner Professionally Applied to Fender Flares?

Applying a bedliner to fender flares is an effortless task. We have already shared a guide on how you can go about this. However, if you prefer a professional finish, you can always take the fender flares to a licensed bedliner dealer. They will apply it for you.

The perks of having fender flares applied by an expert are that you are assured of an impressive finish and a durable coating.

But it will cost you way more to pay someone than do it yourself. If you have the time, it’s advisable to apply a bedliner to the fender flares by yourself.

Going with the professional route costs more than getting new fender flares. Research and evaluate the costs before settling on either option.

Can You Apply Bedliner on Scratched Fender Flares?

Fender flares are always getting scratched by debris and stones as you drive off-road. Therefore, scratches are a usual aspect of fender flares. You can apply a bedliner on scratched fender flares.

As long as the scratches are minimal and haven’t compromised the structure of the flare, you can coat it with a bedliner.

Bedliner can revamp the look of scratched fender flares. Make sure that you cover the flares with several coatings to conceal the scratches.

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