SunTek Vs. LLumar (Compared)

SunTek vs LLumar

By now all car owners are familiar with the benefits of tinting their windows. The problem usually comes when it’s time to choose which brand you should have installed on your vehicle. LLumar and SunTek are both reputable brands and it is not easy to choose between these two. However, despite both offering the same … Read more

What Is The Best Material For Car Door Panels? (Explained)

best material for car door panels

Door panels, also known as door cards are the inserts of a vehicle that are used to cover the internal components of the door. Door panels are usually designed by auto manufacturers to blend with the interior décor and design. Therefore, if you have leather, vinyl, or plastic on the surface of your dashboard that … Read more

How To Clean Lexus Dashboard? (Helpful Tips)

how to clean lexus dashboard

A dirty Lexus dashboard doesn’t just look terrible but it’s also a health hazard. Dirt loves sticking to a car’s dashboard. And if you are the kind of driver who always drives with their windows rolled down, then a lot of dirt and contaminants do accumulate on your Lexus dashboard. Cleaning a Lexus dashboard is … Read more

Manicci Vs. Diamond Floor Mats (Compared)

manicci vs diamond floor mats

After a while, the factory floor mats on your car wear out and this can lower the aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior. Thanks to companies such as Diamond and Manicci, you can buy a set of aftermarket floor mats to replace the worn-out or old mats that came with your car. These two companies are … Read more

Can You Use Pledge On Car Interior? (Explained)

can you use pledge on car interior

Pledge is considered safe to use on wood paneling, glass, and vinyl. These three are the materials that make up the interiors of most cars. This, therefore, means, that yes you can use Pledge on the car interior. Ever since it was first sold in 1958 by S.C Johnson & Son, car detailers and owners … Read more

Are Auto-Dimming Mirrors Worth It? (Explained)

are auto dimming mirrors worth it

You have decided to buy a new car. And as you evaluate the options on various accessories, you come across auto-dimming mirrors. If you don’t often stay updated with car tech news, this may be something you have never heard of. When you look it up, you realize how wonderful of a tool it is … Read more

How To Remove Water Stain From Car Headliner? (Explained)

how to remove water stain from car headliner

Let alone cleaning it, when was the last time you even looked at your car’s headliner? Though often overlooked, car headliners play an essential role in our vehicles. Not only do they make the interiors more beautiful, they protect the roof of your car. And a stained headliner can significantly lower the resale value of … Read more