4 Car Headliner Alternatives (Explained)

car headliner alternatives

A car headliner has more uses than just beautifying the interior. It also acts as insulation for noise and temperature. Without a headliner, the temperatures outside would be easily transferred to your cabin, which would interfere with comfort. Secondly, the interior would be very noisy. Even though car headliners are one of the most durable … Read more

Deep-Dish Vs. Flat Steering Wheel (Compared)

racing steering wheels

You need to consider several things when shopping for a new steering wheel. First, you must get the right size. Going a size too smaller or bigger will affect your driving experience. Secondly, you should be mindful of the grip thickness. Unless you drive your car with racing gloves, you shouldn’t go for thin steering … Read more

Can You Use Tire Shine On Plastic Trim? (Explained)

tire shine on plastic trim

Car owners are required to have different protectants for the dashboard, upholstery, plastic trims, tires, and even the paint job. Sometimes, you may discover that you have run out of one of these protectants. For example, you may not have a protectant for the plastic trim, and you have just finished washing your car. In … Read more

How To Turn Off Tahoe Interior Lights? (Solved)

turn off Tahoe interior lights

Switching off the interior lights in a Chevrolet Tahoe is pretty simple. That’s because of the control buttons located in the ceiling directly above the dashboard. There are two interior light control sections. First, there are two reading lights on each side with a switch located right behind them. To turn these on, you have … Read more