Is Auto Butler Worth It? (Explained)

After driving your car out of the showroom for the first time, it’s understandable that you will feel very overprotective about it.

One thing that requires special care and attention is the paint job. Other than dirt, there are many things, such as UV rays, that can hurt your paint.

Your dealer can recommend the Auto Butler add-on to protect your car from the above elements. This is a product that guarantees paint protection.

According to Auto Butler, their product protects your car paint from bird droppings, UV rays, tree sap, acid rain, and anything you can think of.

On paper, Auto Butler seems like an excellent add-on. But is it worth spending hundreds of dollars on? Let’s find out.

is Auto Butler worth it

What is Auto Butler?

We have already mentioned that this is a car paint protection product. If you opt into the Auto Butler program, you will receive nine reapplications of a high-grade polymer sealant.

This product is strong enough to protect your paint by creating a sealant layer on the surface.

Auto Butler understands that it’s hard for paint treatments to last for more than a year without reapplication. This is why they offer two reapplications in a year.

It’s important to give credit where it’s due. The two reapplications that Auto Butler offers in a year are realistic and practical. It’s different from the magical treatments out there that claim to last for years.

That’s not all. Auto Butler’s product is machine applied by certified dealers. This means that it also comes with premier warranty coverage. Auto Butler should cater to the repair costs if anything happens to your car paint.

Auto Butler also provides interior protection. You can choose from the Fabrigard Protector to Leather Protector. This will depend on the material found inside your car. The other thing is in regards to customer reviews.

If you go through various forums, you will see varying reviews. There are car owners who are in love with Auto Butler paint protection treatment. Others don’t share the same affection.

Is Auto Butler Worth It?

There are several reasons why Auto Butler is a great paint protection add-on;

  • First and foremost, it is applied twice every year. You get two new applications in six months. Very few paint protection products follow this approach. Because of this frequency, you are assured that it will work.


  • This treatment comprises a high-grade polymer sealant. This is not any ordinary sealant. It will be strong enough to withstand all the elements your car will be exposed to.


  • A certified expert applies it. As a result, the sealant will be applied correctly and should do its job to perfection.


  • This product comes with a warranty on damage that occurs to the paint due to the weakness of the product. You can drive around confidently, knowing that your car paint is safe. And in case of anything, you are assured of protection.

Does Auto Butler Have any Drawbacks?

Auto Butler paint protection product is not all that perfect. It has its fair share of flaws. Below are some of the issues we found with Auto Butler.

  • The Cost

The biggest drawback of this paint protection add-on is the cost. It’s not just Auto Butler, many people have a negative attitude toward add-ons sold by dealers.

The popular opinion is that these add-ons are usually meant to rip off clients. Not to defend dealers and manufacturers of such protection products, but because these add-ons offer value.

For instance, yes, you may pay several hundreds of dollars for this product. But, you get up to nine applications of this treatment.

Each application is done in six months. Therefore, you will get ultimate paint protection for the next five years.

Do not also forget that Auto Butler is applied at the dealership. You will get paint protection without having to lift a finger.

Auto Butler is way more advanced than engaging in car protection measures such as waxing and spraying ordinary sealants.

As great as this product may be, we can’t ignore the high cost. If Auto Butler could adjust the cost, maybe people would love it more.

  • Warranty Issues

Another issue with Auto Butler is that they don’t always heed their warranty. There are several complaints online of Auto Butler denying to repair of paint jobs.

Before buying this product, go through the warranty in detail. And get clarification from your dealer. This will help you know what you are up against.

Why Does Auto Butler Ask for All the Money Upfront?

Another issue with Auto Butler paint protection is that they always ask for all the money upfront. Depending on how you look at this issue, it could be a long-term investment, or you may feel like you have been ripped off.

Auto Butler asks for the money upfront so that they can retain you as their customer for the next five years.

If they were to ask for money for each application, they would probably lose many clients along the way. This is more of a sales approach to hold on to clients for longer.

According to car owners who often sell this product, they perceive it as a tactic meant to rip them off their hard-earned money.

This treatment costs several hundreds of dollars. And the fact that you have to pay all the money upfront is quite discouraging. Also, most people think that the fees are usually high.

Car detailers who understand how to protect paint prefer to do it by themselves rather than pay someone to do it every six months.

Please note that if you often lead a busy lifestyle, this add-on might be great for you. It is meant for people who have no time to engage in DIY car paint care and maintenance.

After every six months, Auto Butler will apply a new layer of sealant for you, keeping the car paint in pristine condition.

Auto Butler vs. DIY Paint Protection

After buying your car, you will have two choices for paint protection. Either do it yourself or seek products such as Auto Butler. Whichever option you go with depends on your preferences.

We have already seen all the benefits and drawbacks of Auto Butler. Therefore, it would be fair if we compared it with DIY options.

By DIY, we mean buying a car coating product and spraying it yourself. Or, you can visit a local detailer and have them perform the installation. This won’t cost you the hundreds of dollars you would have spent on Auto Butler.

Depending on how well the coating is done and its quality, it can last for years and ensure your vehicle retains a decent finish.

The drawback of DIY options is that the results may not be very pleasant. Auto Butler is a protection treatment that is applied by professionals. It has a warranty, and you get a reapplication after every six months.

So, if you are low on finances, you can always go with DIY options.

However, if you have the money to spend on a car protection product, look no further than Auto Butler. Also, if you don’t have the time to detail and take care of your car, choose Auto Butler.

Teaching yourself how to detail a car has its perks. First, you will never have to pay a single coin for detailing and coating services. Secondly, detailing is fun. Once you master this art, you will always enjoy coating and sealing your car.

Is Auto Butler a Coating or a Sealant?

Auto Butler falls somewhere in between a sealant and a coating. The manufacturer refers to it as a specialized high-grade polymer. Unlike ordinary coatings, Auto Butler doesn’t last very long.

This is why it is reapplied after every six months. Sealants are the ones that don’t last very long. Because it’s not very strong, do not over-polish this product as it can wear out.

Should I Get the Auto Butler Add-On?

There are a couple of reasons that make Auto Butler a great add-on. One, you are assured of all-year-round paint protection.

This is thanks to the two reapplications. The second thing is that it’s a specialized polymer that can protect the paint from all types of damage.

Besides the cost, Auto Butler is an add-on worth having on your car. It is important to evaluate the pros and cons before buying such an add-on.

It also pays to ask around about the Auto Butler services. This will help you know if they are as great as the dealer claims.

Does Auto Butler Protect Against Scratches?

Scratches can be a menace to car paint. If you are getting paint protection, it’s important to know whether this product will prevent the development of scratches.

Unfortunately, Auto Butler doesn’t protect the paint from scratches. So, drive carefully, even if you have Auto Butler applied.

If scratches develop later, you can always apply some polish or rubbing compound. It’s also important to park your car away from places vulnerable to scratches, such as near trees or high-traffic areas.

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