Is Xzilon Worth It? (Explained)

When you buy a car from a dealer, they will try and sell you several packages and add-ons. One of the most common add-ons your dealer is likely to convince you to buy is the Xzilon paint protection treatment.

This is an alternative to waxing and according to its manufacturer, they claim it can last up to 5 years in new cars and 3 years on used vehicles.

Who wouldn’t love to protect their car paint? However, the biggest problem with Xzilon is the high price dealers ask for.

When you look up the price of Xzilon exterior protection sealant on eBay or Amazon, a bottle goes for around $30. On the other hand, dealers will ask you to pay $500 or even $1,000 for the Xzilon treatment.

Comparing these two options, the latter seems unrealistic. As you will see later on, Xzilon is a great product and most professional detailers love how effective it is at protecting the paint.

But, is it worth paying several hundred dollars? The reason most dealers ask for such a high amount for Xzilon is the warranty associated with it. Xzilon has partnered with many dealerships.

Car owners who have the treatment applied by the dealer get a 5-year warranty against fading or oxidation of the paint.

The key takeaway from the above is that Xzilon as a paint protection sealant is not expensive, the huge price tag is caused by the warranty and not the product.

And even though warranties are great, they do have loopholes that are unfair to car buyers. For instance, in the Xzilon warranty, the dealer isn’t liable for fixing any damages on car paint if you use a brush carwash.

The dealer can easily know that you don’t hand wash the car just by looking at the pattern of swirl marks or scratches on the paint.

is xzilon worth it

Should I Pay for the Xzilon Treatment?

What are your preferences and budget? If your finances can’t allow you to pay the extra $500 or $1000, then don’t get the Xzilon treatment.

As long as you wax your car regularly, clay it to remove bonded contaminants, and polish the paint for an impressive finish, the exterior will be in great shape for years.

Alternatively, if you are the kind of car owner who doesn’t enjoy or have the time for waxing the paint, getting the Xzilon treatment is a great idea.

This stuff is quite effective at paint protection. Most of the negative reviews on Xzilon are aimed at the high price tag and not the product’s abilities.

But, before paying for it, go through the warranty keenly and make sure you understand the terms and conditions.

If the warranty seems to have strict rules and guidelines, look for the Xzilon from either another dealer or auto shop and apply it yourself.

This will be very cheap because you will only be buying the treatment and not the warranty. Don’t rush into accepting the Xzilon package from a dealer just because you have heard of the warranty.

Understanding the content of the warranty is key as it will help you avoid problems in the future.

Is Xzilon a Waste of Money?

It depends on how you look at things. Dealers have been known to sell ‘junk’ and that’s why many car owners are reluctant to buy any packages or add-ons being advertised by dealerships.

Considering the price of the Xzilon package, you can use that money to buy tons of car care products that you can use to retain the look of your vehicle’s exterior and interior for longer.

However, with a warranty, should the paint get damaged or start to fade with Xzilon on it, you have the right to take it to the dealer and have it fixed without paying a dime.

Paint correction can be quite expensive but you won’t have to worry about that because the warranty will cover you.

Regarding Xzilon, if you are the kind of person who takes proper care of your car. That is, you wash it regularly, wax it, and park it in a garage and under a shade, there is no need to spend so much money on Xzilon.

Save that money and use it to buy car care products. On the other hand, if you are always parking your car outside and don’t have the time for car maintenance, Xzilon treatment will protect your car from the environment.

What are Other Car Owners’ Experiences with Xzilon?

To determine the worth of Xzilon, we need to look at the experiences other car owners have had with this treatment. Despite its price tag, Xzilon has some redeeming qualities.

For starters the level of paint protection you get from this product is top-tier. And even after a year or two, cars with Xzilon bead up like the sealant was applied days ago.

This product bonds with the paint on a molecular level and that’s why sap and bugs wipe off the surface easily.

Car owners who have had this treatment on their vehicles speak highly of it. Most negative comments are from people who bought the Xzilon separately and may be applied wrongly.

And were not impressed with the results. Not just Xzilon, but all sealants need to be applied correctly for them to work effectively.

This is why dealers don’t just give you a bottle of Xzilon to apply when you get home. They have experts who apply the Xzilon for you.

No wonder it works so well. Anyway, the bottom line is, that car owners have had different experiences with this product. Some like it and some have sworn to never buy it again.

What Can Xzilon Do for Me?

Even though this seems like a question that you need to ask the dealer, we are going to answer it on their behalf.

After looking up the product details on the manufacturer’s website, here are some of the benefits you can expect from the Xzilon paint protector.

Guaranteed paint protection. The formula has been designed to protect the paint of your car from UV exposure, bugs, acid rain, paint overspray, hard water, oxidation, bird droppings, etching, and fading.

Car owners enjoy unlimited protection when dents occur for five years. With time, your car tends to get some dents. Thanks to the Xzilon warranty, you won’t have to use your own money to make repairs. The dealer where you got the Xzilon will do it for you, free of charge.

Xzilon also protects the car from losing its gloss. Therefore, your vehicle will retain that showroom shine.

Where Should I Buy Xzilon?

Please note that Xzilon is sold and applied only by authorized dealerships. Even though you can buy a bottle of Xzilon from an e-commerce store or even at a dealership, the company mainly sells through dealerships.

It is through the same dealership that you will get a warranty on the product, provided it is professionally applied.

What Does the Xzilon Warranty Entail?

Once you get Xzilon applied to your car, the warranty requires that cars are washed by hand or touchless and brushless car washes.

Brush car washes scratch the protectant and when you use such, you will be going against the warranty.

Secondly, before leaving the dealership, you should be given a copy of your warranty. The dealer is also left with a copy.

According to Xzilon, you only qualify for a warranty when you buy the product and have it applied by the dealership. Should you get your hands on some Xzilon and apply it by yourself, you are not going to get a warranty.

When you run into any issues with your exterior, you can file a claim at the dealership and it will be fixed for you.

However, you should always confirm that the issue is listed on the warranty before filing a claim. Once the 5-year warranty duration is over, the dealer can reapply the product and renew your warranty.

How is Xzilon Different from Other Paint Protectors?

You are probably wondering if a paint protector can offer a 5-year warranty, then they must be very confident with their product. Well, they are.

This is because Xzilon is one of the strongest paint protectors on the market. The sun’s UV rays, bird droppings, road tar, tree sap, and paint overspray are no match for this paint protectant as the manufacturer claims.

It bonds with the paint at a molecular level and doesn’t allow even the tiniest contaminant to pass through.

The bond created is permanent and that’s why it can offer paint protection for so long. All these unique features of Xzilon can be enjoyed only when the product is applied correctly.

It’s important to follow the instructions when applying it or have a professional detailer do it for you.

What are the Advantages of Using Xzilon?

You are already aware of the paint protection benefits, but that’s not all you can get from this product. Keeping your car looking brand new increases the vehicle’s resale value.

Although it is an expensive car care package, once applied you will never have to pay a dollar for dent repairs on your car. Thanks to the warranty, the dealer will fix dents and dings for free until the period specified in the warranty lapses.

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  1. I have purchased a 2018 Toyota Avalon vehicle from the original owner who bought the XZILON GREEN protection product guarantee. (XGN-WA 4051). The previous owner purchased the plan on 1-31-2018 in Leesburg, Florida, 34748.
    I plan to exercise the product guarantee transfer coverage from the original owners to myself. I live nearly 100 miles away from the dealer providing the original product.
    Once that is accomplished, may I use the warranty at the XZILON service department near New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

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