Can You Paint Rustoleum Over Ospho? (Explained)


Rustoleum and Ospho are popular rust treatments and protective coatings. Ospho has a duller finish. It’s why you may consider painting Rustoleum over it. This article will address whether it’s okay to paint Rustoleum over Ospho and anything else you may need to know about these two protective coatings. Let’s Start by Introducing Ospho Unlike … Read more

Can You Use Fluid Film On Paint? (Explained)

Fluid Film

Fluid Film is internationally recognized as one of the best corrosion preventive and lubricant products on the market. It stops rust on contact, and thanks to its penetrative capabilities, Fluid Film can find its way to hard-to-reach areas on your vehicle. In the automotive industry, Fluid Film has a wide range of applications. But can … Read more

Do Valve Covers Need High Temp Paint? (Explained)

valve cover

After driving for several thousand miles, the valve cover on your car may look worn out and stained with grease, oil, and dirt. If you are the kind of car owner who prefers better aesthetics even under the hood, you may consider painting the valve cover to give it a more appealing look. The first … Read more

What Color to Paint Calipers on Blue Car? (Solved)

Blue SUV car

When it comes to caliper paint color, it’s all a matter of preference. We all have different tastes, and a color that may look pleasant to you may not have the same effect on another person. Be as it may, certain caliper paint colors blend better with a blue car. If you own a blue … Read more

Can You Clear Coat Over Orange Peel? (Explained)

clear coat over orange peel

The orange peel effect is a car painter’s worst nightmare. It often makes the car look hideous. Orange peel can be caused by various issues such as applying excessive paint, incorrect spray gun setup, and several other things. Once you spot orange peel on a car, the first thing that comes to mind is to … Read more