What Are Mercedes MB-Tex Problems? (Explained)

Mercedes MB-Tex problems

The term MB-Tex upholstery shouldn’t be new to you if you have recently bought or test driven a new Mercedes-Benz. This is a material that the Mercedes brand has decided to incorporate into its most recent vehicles ranging from the GLE-Class to the CLA-Class. Mercedes isn’t the only car brand to come up with their … Read more

Does Subaru Use Real Leather? Things You Need To Know

does subaru use real leather

In the past, Subaru only used real leather on their upholstery. However, due to the worldwide environmentally friendly push, they alongside other auto manufacturers switched to vinyl leather. Subaru only uses real leather on seating areas where your skin might touch. The rest of the upholstery is covered with high-grade vinyl. If you have recently … Read more

Can You Use Windex On Car Paint? Common Concerns Explained

can you use windex on car paint

According to Dr. Beasley, a leading manufacturer of custom car detailing and paint correction products, when it comes to choosing car cleaning products, trust car care experts and not glass experts. Windex has been there for as long as I can remember. And even though it’s effective at cleaning surfaces, don’t use it on car paint. … Read more