Can You Ceramic Coat Chrome? (Explained)

can you ceramic coat chrome

In your search to find the best ways to protect the chrome from deteriorating, have you come across ceramic coating? Some of the common ways of protecting chrome include waxing and polishing. On the other hand, ceramic coating is also an excellent method of protecting the paint. Using this information, it is understandable why you … Read more

Can I Apply Clear Coat The Next Day? (Explained)

can I apply clear coat the next day

Sure you can, but you will have to apply one coat of base and then wait for thirty minutes before you can apply some clear. The recommended duration on how soon you can apply clear coat is thirty to forty minutes after spraying the final base coat. When it comes to painting a car, the … Read more

Collinite 845 Vs. 915 (Compared)

Collinite 845 vs 915

Collinite wax products are known to be among the best car waxes on the market. Unlike other brands that engage in vigorous advertising, Collinite’s reputation is mostly passed through recommendations by satisfied customers. Ever since the brand was launched in 1936, Collinite has been consistently producing quality wax. And if you are planning to start … Read more

Does Lime Damage Car Paint? (Explained)

does lime damage car paint

Also known as calcium hydroxide, lime is a highly reactive alkali that can damage the paint and expose the metal beneath to moisture and oxygen which causes corrosion. The likelihood of lime damaging car paint is higher on vehicles that haven’t been waxed or lack any form of paint protection. Waxes provide a protective barrier … Read more

Will CLR Remove Hard Water Stains from Auto Glass? (Explained)

will clr remove hard water stains from auto glass

Hard water refers to water that is rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium. And even though hard water may be great for gardening thanks to its high mineral content, it is not so good for auto glass. When your car windows are exposed to hard water, eventually the water is going to evaporate … Read more