Can WD-40 Be Used As Starting Fluid? (Explained)

can WD-40 be used as starting fluid

WD-40 has got many uses when it comes to automobiles. One of the uses of WD-40 in cars is acting as a substitute for starting fluid. For whatever reason, if your vehicle isn’t starting, spraying some WD-40 in the air intake can help your car start on a cold morning. The science behind that is … Read more

What Are Carb Cleaner Alternatives? (Explained)

carb cleaner alternatives

Carburetors need to be cleaned regularly if you want the car to run efficiently. The presence of dirt and carbon residue can prevent the carburetor from performing as expected, and it may lead to engine failure. To avoid such, if it’s possible, clean your carburetor during every oil change. This should be around after every … Read more

Can I Use Brake Cleaner To Clean Throttle Body? (Explained)

can I use brake cleaner to clean throttle body

Brake cleaner serves many uses in vehicles. It is mainly used to degrease and clean metallic components in your car. Its ability to cut through gunk and dirt is quite impressive, and no wonder it has got many uses. Brake cleaner, however, shouldn’t be used to clean the throttle body. This is because brake cleaner … Read more