Applying 2K Clear Coat Over Rustoleum Paint: Enhancing Durability and Gloss

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

When it comes to DIY projects, especially those involving car parts, durability and aesthetics often take priority. Rustoleum paint is widely recognized for its protective qualities and decorative potential. However, even the toughest paint can benefit from an extra layer of armor. That’s where applying a 2K clear coat comes in. It adds a layer … Read more

Can You Clear Coat Over Orange Peel? (Explained)

clear coat over orange peel

The orange peel effect is a car painter’s worst nightmare. It often makes the car look hideous. Orange peel can be caused by various issues such as applying excessive paint, incorrect spray gun setup, and several other things. Once you spot orange peel on a car, the first thing that comes to mind is to … Read more

Is PPF On Headlights Worth It? (Explained)

Worker hands installs car paint protection film wrap auto headlight

After some time, headlights often turn yellow due to degradation caused by UV and exposure to other elements. Installing paint protection film on the headlights is known to prevent this. PPF installation costs are usually below $200. If your dealer or friends have recommended installing PPF to your headlights, you need to determine if it’s … Read more

Can You Spray Clear Coat Over Chrome? (Solved)

can you spray clear coat over chrome

A clear coat does a beautiful job of protecting and improving the aesthetics of a surface. It’s why you need to spray some clear coat after painting a car or spraying a coating. Can clear coat offer the same benefits on chrome? Let’s find out. Can You Clear Coat Chrome? Unfortunately, chrome can’t be clear … Read more

How To Clear Coat Over Patina? (Explained)

how to clear coat over patina

Car owners struggle all their lives trying to keep rust at bay. The same car owners also appreciate the stunning look of rusted surfaces, popularly referred to as patina. If you have stumbled across an old car that you would like to retain its rusted finish and prevent the corrosion from spreading, you may consider … Read more

How To Paint A Front Lip? (Explained)

how to paint a front lip

You don’t need fifteen years of experience to paint a front lip. All you need are the tools required to pull off this paint job and some professional advice. We won’t buy the tools for you, but we will give you professional advice on painting a front lip. OEM front lips can make your car … Read more

Can You Plasti Dip Door Handles? (Solved)

plasti dip door handles

The main reason why you may want to plasti dip the door handles is because the paint on them may have started fading. That is bound to happen because door handles are exposed to a lot of traffic, especially on the driver and co-driver sides. Plasti dip has proven itself an excellent automotive coating in … Read more

Is XPEL Worth It? (Explained)

is Xpel worth it

After buying a new car, the first few months are always characterized by extreme care. New car owners spend most of their time cleaning and maintaining their vehicles so that they can retain that showroom finish. After a while, exposure to dirt, rock chips, stains, and many other elements leads to wear, and that’s when … Read more