How To Remove Headliner Glue And Foam Residue? (Explained)

how to remove headliner glue and foam

After removing your car’s headliner, there’s a huge chance that some glue and foam will be left behind. It’s not usually very easy to remove the entire headliner without leaving behind some residue. This is because the headliner is designed to adhere firmly to the roof of your car, and it’s not meant to be … Read more

Microfiber Vs. Foam Pads (Compared)

microfiber vs foam pads

The type of polishing pads you use plays a critical role in determining the outcome. Different types of pads come in handy depending on the condition of the car’s paint job. Even though both foam and microfiber pads perform the same role, these two are made using different materials, and the ideal pad you should … Read more