Are Running Boards Universal? (Explained)

SUV Running Board

Running boards facilitate smooth entry and exit from a vehicle, especially one with high ground clearance. They are common in trucks and SUVs. From a physical point of view, running boards may look the same, and you may assume they are interchangeable. But are running boards universal? Keep on reading to find out. Are Running Boards … Read more

Will F150 Tailgate Fit F250? (Explained)

will f150 tailgate fit f250

In certain F150s and F250s, the tailgates are interchangeable. This mainly applies to the Ford F-Series tenth generation that comprises trucks made from 1997 to 2004. If your truck belongs to this series, you can interchange the tailgate with an F150 or vice versa with an F250. Some Ford owners have also mentioned that this … Read more

3 Common Ford F150 Power Running Boards Problems (Explained)

Ford F150 power running boards problems

The F150 is one of Ford’s toughest vehicles in the market. However, to fully explore what this car can offer you, one must be willing to try out a bunch of accessories. The power running board is an ideal accessory to add to your F150. Besides enhancing style and aesthetics, power running boards make entry … Read more

4 Common Ford Expedition Third-Row Seat Problems (Explained)

Ford Expedition third row seat problems

The third-row seat in the Ford Expedition offers many benefits. If you have a big family, or you occasionally have many passengers, the availability of a third row can ensure everyone is comfortable. As advantageous as this extra row in the Expedition is, it doesn’t always function as expected. Over the years, there have been … Read more

Does Ford Use Real Leather? Find Out The Answer

does ford use real leather

Compared to other automaker brands, Ford cars are very reliable. They are easy to maintain and have fewer faults compared to other car brands. If you are considering getting a Ford car, obviously there are some factors you are considering such as performance, design, and upholstery. Though often overlooked, your car’s upholstery contributes immensely to … Read more