How To Remove Headliner Glue And Foam Residue? (Explained)

how to remove headliner glue and foam

After removing your car’s headliner, there’s a huge chance that some glue and foam will be left behind. It’s not usually very easy to remove the entire headliner without leaving behind some residue. This is because the headliner is designed to adhere firmly to the roof of your car, and it’s not meant to be … Read more

Will Goo Gone Remove Plasti Dip? (Solved)

will Goo Gone remove plasti dip

If you applied plasti dip correctly, you shouldn’t have to use anything when removing it. One of the perks of using plasti dip is that it’s designed to peel off smoothly. Most people who struggle with peeling plasti dip usually don’t use the correct application methods. For instance, they may have sprayed only light coats. … Read more

How To Remove Plasti Dip Overspray? (Explained)

how to remove plasti dip overspray

Have you recently discovered the benefits of plasti dip? Did you buy some and use it on your car? In the process, could you have gotten the plasti dip on an unintended surface? Well, this is what we refer to as overspray in the detailing world. If you are new to plasti dip, it is … Read more

Can You Clear Coat Plasti Dip? (Solved)

can you clear coat plasti dip

In the world of DIY car detailing, there are usually no boundaries on what car owners and detailers can or can’t do. Using general knowledge as well as trial and error, most DIY detailers try to use various products so that they can enhance the look of their cars. These methods don’t often work successfully … Read more

Is Goof Off Safe On Car Paint? Things You Need To Know

is goof off safe on car paint

Adhesives will always leave stains behind no matter how gentle you are when removing them from your car. These stains make your car’s paint job look terrible. And in such cases, that’s when car owners start considering products like Goof Off to remove adhesives. This petroleum-based chemical is formulated to remove adhesives from surfaces. It … Read more

Will Duct Tape Damage Car Paint? Find Out The Answer

will duct tape damage car paint

For years people have used duct tape to hold car bumpers in place, as a temporary fix for broken windows, during paint correction, and in many other applications. It’s popular because of its adhesive strength and ability to last long. But, as useful as duct tape is, you should be very careful when using it … Read more