How To Stop Sliding On Leather Car Seats? (Explained)

leather car seats

Leather seats make your car’s interior look very luxurious. It doesn’t matter what color you go with. As long it’s pure leather, you are assured of better aesthetics than plastic or fabric. As great as leather car seats are, they do have some drawbacks. One of the downsides of leather car seats is that they … Read more

Sparco Vs. Recaro (Compared)

Sparco vs Recaro

It’s shocking how people often underestimate the benefits of upgrading to aftermarket racing seats. After some time, you will need to replace your car seats. The worn-out cushions and squeaky noises produced when you sit on them will be the first warning signs. Anyway, aftermarket racing seats improve the aesthetics of the interior. They are … Read more

Can You Use Windex On Chrome? (Explained)

can you use Windex on chrome

Windex is undeniably one of the most popular cleaners today. If you walk into any home, the chances of finding some Windex lying around are significantly high. The reason behind its popularity is how effective it is at cleaning glass and other hard surfaces. For car owners who have a set of chrome wheels, you … Read more

6 Common Nissan Altima Driver Seat Problems (Explained)

nissan altima driver seat problems

The Nissan Altima is a reliable car. It offers efficiency in gas mileage and has ample cargo space. These factors make it one of the most popular sedans in the market. As we all know, no car is perfect. Different cars have been associated with certain issues in the past. For the Altima, a common … Read more

Will Magic Eraser Clean Headlights? (Explained)

will magic eraser clean headlights

Magic erasers are more than just a household cleaning product. They can also be used to clean headlights as well. Known for their ability to get rid of the toughest grime, these pieces of sponge can help restore dirty and foggy headlights. Even though it is considered unsafe for use on car paint because of … Read more

How To Remove Soap Stains From Car Paint? (Helpful Tips)

how to remove soap stains from car paint

There are two main ways you can get soap stains on your car paint. The first is from automated car washes and the second is when you don’t wash your car correctly. You can also get soap stains when you or someone accidentally spills some soap on your car. But the likelihood of this happening … Read more

Can You Use Pledge On Car Interior? (Explained)

can you use pledge on car interior

Pledge is considered safe to use on wood paneling, glass, and vinyl. These three are the materials that make up the interiors of most cars. This, therefore, means, that yes you can use Pledge on the car interior. Ever since it was first sold in 1958 by S.C Johnson & Son, car detailers and owners … Read more