4 Best Ways To Blackout Chrome Bumpers (Solved)

best ways to blackout chrome bumpers

After a while, it is normal for you to get bored with shiny chrome bumpers. Or, you may have seen some rust on it. Other than the above, there are many reasons why you may want to blackout chrome bumpers. For instance, you may be interested in getting a color that blends with that of … Read more

Can You Plasti Dip Exhaust Tips? (Explained)

can you plasti dip exhaust tips

Plasti dip has grown to become a popular coating option amongst car owners, with some even using plasti dip on the entire car. However, can you plasti dip exhaust tips? The biggest worry when it comes to applying plasti dip on the exhaust tip is whether this coating can withstand the heat that comes from … Read more