Can You Plasti Dip Lug Nuts? (Solved)

Lug nuts

Plasti dip is undeniably the most popular temporary car coating. It can be used on wheels and bumpers. Don’t be surprised when you come across an entire car finished with plasti dip. It’s a sprayable formula that dries into rubber. Plasti dip is available in many colors and is easy to install/uninstall. If you are … Read more

Can You Vinyl Wrap Jeep Hardtop? (Explained)

Jeep hardtop

A Jeep hardtop has many benefits, such as better insulation, durability, and added security, and you can conveniently install a roof rack on top of it. However, it may not be in a color that you like. For instance, it may be black, and your Jeep could be in another color such as red or … Read more

How To Fix Curb Rash On Powder Coated Rims? (Solved)

curb rash

Powder-coated rims may be more resilient than other finishes such as paint and chrome. But they are still vulnerable to things like curb rash. A Curb rash is every motorist’s worst nightmare because other than making your rims look hideous. It can also affect your suspension and alignment. Because of these reasons, drivers should be … Read more

Can You Paint Suspension Parts? (Explained)

car suspension

Suspension parts can be painted. Even though most car owners don’t often paint their vehicles’ suspension, anyone can do it safely without damaging any components. The main reason why people paint suspension parts is for aesthetic purposes. However, people also do it to prevent rust. Irrespective of your reasons for painting suspension parts, this article … Read more

Can You Plasti Dip Door Handles? (Solved)

plasti dip door handles

The main reason why you may want to plasti dip the door handles is because the paint on them may have started fading. That is bound to happen because door handles are exposed to a lot of traffic, especially on the driver and co-driver sides. Plasti dip has proven itself an excellent automotive coating in … Read more

Can You Plasti Dip in Cold Weather? (Solved)

can you plasti dip in cold weather

Plasti Dip is the most popular temporary car coating these days. It can be used on wheels, badges, or even the entire vehicle. Plasti Dip, if applied correctly, can last for around two to three years. It’s famous amongst novice detailers because it’s so easy to apply. If you have just bought some Plasti Dip … Read more

How To Paint Chrome Running Boards? (Explained)

how to paint chrome running boards

The funny thing about Chrome is that you either hate or love it. There’s no in-between. If you have a car with chrome side steps and want to ‘unbling’ it, below is an in-depth guide on how to do it. What Will I Need to Paint Chrome Running Boards? • Quality spray paint • Orbital … Read more

Rust-Oleum Peel Coat Vs. Plasti Dip (Compared)

rust oleum peel coat vs plasti dip

We have to hand it down to Plasti Dip for popularizing rubber coatings in the auto industry. Recently, Plasti Dip has been facing a lot of competition from Rust-Oleum, who have developed a peel-coat paint spray that works exactly like Plasti Dip. When you visit your nearest store, you will find Rust-Oleum Peel Coat placed … Read more