How To Tell If BBS Wheels Are Real? (Explained)

how to tell if BBS wheels are real

BBS isn’t your ordinary wheel brand. This car wheel is handcrafted to offer performance alongside a unique and stunning design. They have an extremely high price tag than most alloy wheels. And if you are in the market shopping for BBS wheels, you need to be able to distinguish real from fake. And that’s what … Read more

Can You Use Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish on Chrome? (Explained)

can you use mothers mag and aluminum polish on chrome

When it comes to polishes, you should always use one specifically made for that finish. If you are polishing a chrome surface, stick to a chrome polish and if it’s an aluminum surface, do the same. In the auto world, DIY detailers can provide misleading information. A good example is recommending the use of Mothers … Read more

Can You Ceramic Coat Polished Aluminum Wheels? (Explained)

can you ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels

Polished aluminum wheels look amazing. But they stain easily. If you own a set of bare aluminum wheels, you can testify how tiring it is for you to polish them every time. A ceramic coat can seal the aluminum by creating a surface barrier. When you ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels, your wheels will retain … Read more

How Much To Paint A Truck Topper? (Solved)

how much to paint a truck topper

Truck toppers go by many names. They are known as shells, box caps, bed caps, or even canopies. These are small housings fitted on the back of a pickup truck. Initially, truck toppers were used to convert trucks into mini-RVs that would be equipped with beds. With a topper, you can go camping with your … Read more

How To Paint Over Chrome Plastic? (Explained)

how to paint over chrome plastic

Before we can even get started with how to paint over chrome plastic, we must define what chrome plastic is. This is when plastic is placed in a vacuum chamber, and aluminum is vaporized into it using electric filaments. Plastic chrome plating has become a common practice, and if a plastic part of your car … Read more

Can You Bondo Aluminum? (Explained)

can you bondo aluminum

People have been using Bondo on nearly all types of surfaces. Therefore, if you have always wondered whether it’s okay to use Bondo on aluminum, here is an article that has been dedicated to answering this question. As modern cars shift to aluminum from steel, it’s imperative to know whether one can Bondo over this … Read more

Can You Clear Coat Polished Aluminum? (Explained)

can you clear coat polished aluminum

Even though polished aluminum lasts for a while before it corrodes, it still needs to be protected. And one of the ways you can do that is by applying a clear coat on the surface. There is a lot of confusion surrounding whether one can or can’t clear coat polished aluminum. And this article is … Read more

Can You Ceramic Coat Chrome? (Explained)

can you ceramic coat chrome

In your search to find the best ways to protect the chrome from deteriorating, have you come across ceramic coating? Some of the common ways of protecting chrome include waxing and polishing. On the other hand, ceramic coating is also an excellent method of protecting the paint. Using this information, it is understandable why you … Read more