Can You Use Bedliner On Fender Flares? (Solved)

fender flares

For off-road enthusiasts, fender flares do a marvelous job of protecting the paint from dirt and scratches. Fender flares, in some ways, improve the aesthetics of a truck. Like other parts of the car, fender flares are also vulnerable to damage, especially if they are constantly hit by mud and debris. Bedliner is one of … Read more

Can You Plasti Dip Lug Nuts? (Solved)

Lug nuts

Plasti dip is undeniably the most popular temporary car coating. It can be used on wheels and bumpers. Don’t be surprised when you come across an entire car finished with plasti dip. It’s a sprayable formula that dries into rubber. Plasti dip is available in many colors and is easy to install/uninstall. If you are … Read more

Can Raptor Liner Be Used On Wood? (Explained)

Raptor Liner

Raptor is amongst the most durable bedliners in the market. It is formulated to withstand the toughest conditions and is resistant to scratches, UV, stains, and many other things. According to the manufacturers of Raptor, it can be used on a wide range of surfaces, wood included. Here is everything you should know if you … Read more

Can You Spray Bedliner On Aluminum Diamond Plate? (Solved)

aluminum diamond plate

Aluminum diamond plate has got many applications in the auto industry. This industrial-grade aluminum often features a dull mill finish that can be used on the floors of ambulances and fire trucks to make them less slippery. In most cars and trucks especially, aluminum diamond plate is the material used to make the toolbox. This … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Rechrome A Bumper? (Solved)

chrome bumper

Re-chroming is an excellent way for you to restore damaged chrome surfaces. If the chrome on your bumper has started showing signs of wear, you can fix it through re-chroming. Most people are familiar with chroming and its costs. However, not everyone can estimate how much they will pay for re-chroming a bumper. Is re-chroming … Read more

4 Common Bullet Liner Problems (Explained)

Bullet Liner problems

If you own a pick-up truck, chances are you love spending time off-road and carrying cargo. Your truck must be well-protected from the elements and whatever it may come across as you go about your duties. Bullet liner started as a spray-on bed liner. It was designed to protect the cargo area from wear and … Read more

Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Chrome? (Explained)

Raptor Liner over chrome

More and more truck owners are turning to Raptor Liner to protect their truck bumpers, rims, and beds. According to the product’s website, the bed liner can withstand the toughest weather conditions and is resistant to stains, scratches, UV, and common fuels. It can also be applied to a wide variety of substrates, including composites, … Read more

Can You Use Rustoleum Paint Over Powder Coat? (Explained)

can you use Rustoleum paint over powder coat

Powder coating is one of the most durable finishes in the auto industry. Though durable, powder coating won’t last forever. After some time, it will experience wear and tear. And it can expose the metal part beneath to oxidation and corrosion. As a car owner interested in protecting their investment from the effects of rust, … Read more

Can You Sand Epoxy Primer? (Explained)

can you sand epoxy primer

Epoxy primer has got a wide array of uses. It can be used as a sealer over bare metal and other types of surfaces. If you are using epoxy primer on your car, you are assured of its ability to seal moisture from coming into contact with the metal and corroding it. Like other products, … Read more