Is PPF On Headlights Worth It? (Explained)

Worker hands installs car paint protection film wrap auto headlight

After some time, headlights often turn yellow due to degradation caused by UV and exposure to other elements. Installing paint protection film on the headlights is known to prevent this. PPF installation costs are usually below $200. If your dealer or friends have recommended installing PPF to your headlights, you need to determine if it’s … Read more

Will F150 Tailgate Fit F250? (Explained)

will f150 tailgate fit f250

In certain F150s and F250s, the tailgates are interchangeable. This mainly applies to the Ford F-Series tenth generation that comprises trucks made from 1997 to 2004. If your truck belongs to this series, you can interchange the tailgate with an F150 or vice versa with an F250. Some Ford owners have also mentioned that this … Read more

Will Raptor Headlights And Tail Lights Fit F150? (Solved)

will Raptor headlights and tail lights fit F150

Compared to the F150, everything on the Raptor will always look better. Therefore, it’s understandable why you may be interested in replacing F150 headlights and tail lights with Raptor. If this is the case, then please note that Raptor headlights and tail lights are compatible with the F150. You don’t need to modify them so … Read more

Should You Wax Headlights And Taillights? (Detailed Answer)

should you wax headlights and taillights

There is a lot of confusion as to whether headlights and taillights should be waxed or not. Most car owners when waxing their vehicles, do apply wax to the headlights as well as taillights. The reason why motorists do this is that they hope the wax’s UV protection abilities will protect the headlights and taillights … Read more

6 Common Problems With BMW 3 Series Rear Light

bmw 3 series rear light problems

On 1st September 2011, BMW recalled 241,000 3-series models because of rear light problems. The BMW 3 series that were recalled were those manufactured between 2001 and 2005. The reason for this move was because in these models, the electrical contacts showed lots of resistance and this caused the rear lights to malfunction abnormally. The … Read more