Can You Put A JK Bumper On A TJ? (Solved)

JK Jeep bumper

The production of the Jeep TJ ended in 2006. Therefore, sourcing parts may be challenging if you still have one. For most cars, bumpers usually last for very long unless you get involved in an accident. But for the Jeep TJ, if you still had the same bumper from the early 2000s, there is no … Read more

How To Fix Curb Rash On Powder Coated Rims? (Solved)

curb rash

Powder-coated rims may be more resilient than other finishes such as paint and chrome. But they are still vulnerable to things like curb rash. A Curb rash is every motorist’s worst nightmare because other than making your rims look hideous. It can also affect your suspension and alignment. Because of these reasons, drivers should be … Read more

How To Get Water Spots Off Plastic Chrome Trim? (Detailed Answer)

plastic chrome trim

A chrome finish, whether it’s on metal or plastic, should always look bright and shiny. Water spots can prevent this from happening. And if not dealt with urgently, water spots can lead to oxidation, making the plastic chrome trim look dull. If you have seen some water spots on your plastic chrome trim and are … Read more