Chrome Vs. Silver Wheels (Compared)

chrome vs silver wheels

They say that choosing between chrome and silver wheels all narrows down to preference. And even though there is some truth to this statement, learning more about what each wheel finish offers can make your decision easier. Both chrome and silver wheels look great. Some car owners lean towards either for their own reasons. If … Read more

8 Ziebart Undercoating Problems (Explained)

Ziebart undercoating problems

For the past seven decades, Ziebart has been the leading undercoating service provider to thousands of car owners. With hundreds of service centers located in various parts of the world, Ziebart continues to apply thick and abrasive resistant undercoating in cars and thus protecting the undercarriage from salt, dirt, moisture, and rust. If you live … Read more

How To Remove Nail Polish From Car Paint? (Helpful Tips)

how to remove nail polish from car paint

The ideal method you can use to remove nail polish from car paint will depend on how big the stains are and how long they have been there. If you have just noticed some nail polish drips on your car paint, your first instinct will be to touch it. This will give you a feel … Read more