7 Chrysler 200 Hardtop Convertible Problems (Tips For Troubleshooting)

Ranked as the “Most American Made” sedan in 2013, the Chrysler 200 convertible was a work of art. Even though it’s no longer in production, there are still many models on the road.

If you own or are planning to buy the Chrysler 200 convertible, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the common issues associated with this vehicle.

Today, I’ll be focusing mainly on the Chrysler 200 hardtop convertible problems. I’ll also be sharing prevention measures, tips, and remedies to these problems.

Chrysler 200 Hardtop Convertible

Common Chrysler 200 Hardtop Convertible Problems

If you’re a fan of retractable hardtops, there is no doubt that the Chrysler 200 convertible may seem like an excellent option. However, this particular feature on the Chrysler 200 convertible is susceptible to the following issues;

• Dead Switches and Sensors

The operation of a retractable hardtop on a Chrysler 200 is operated by several electrical functions which include switches, sensors, and wiring. If one of these functions stops working correctly, you may run into difficulties when operating the hardtop.

The best part about electrical malfunctions is that they’re fixable. If you have some understanding of computer modules, you can diagnose the condition of your Chrysler 200 electrical components.

This will let you know if some switches and sensors are not working and you can replace them. Alternatively, you can take your Chrysler to an expert mechanic who will troubleshoot and correct any problems.

In case your switches are dead, you can always manually close the hardtop. Check your manual for instructions on how to do so.

• Leaks

This problem doesn’t just affect the Chrysler 200. But it’s common in nearly all convertibles. On the retractable hardtop of your Chrysler 200, you’ll find weatherstripping and seals designed to keep water away.

Like other car components, these eventually wear out thus opening up entry points for leaks.

You may not notice this problem when driving under light rain. But if it’s raining excessively, you will notice water getting inside the cabin. This problem can be fixed through repairs on the seals and weatherstripping.

• A Faulty Hydraulic System

Did you know that the retractable hardtop of a Chrysler 200 convertible operated with the help of a hydraulic system? After a while, the hydraulic system because it’s a mechanical device experiences wear and tear.

Parts of it such as cylinders or pumps could become faulty thus leading to problems when opening or closing the hardtop on your Chrysler convertible. For instance, you may notice the retraction process taking longer than normal.

If the hydraulic system is damaged, I recommend taking it to a skilled mechanic who’ll diagnose the damaged part and replace it for you.

The hydraulic is a bit more complicated than malfunctioning switches. So, I wouldn’t advise a DIY approach unless you’re exceptionally skilled in such matters.

• Damaged Latches

For the hardtop of your Chrysler 200 to close perfectly, the latches must be securely connected. Sometimes, these latches can get damaged and when that happens, the hardtop won’t close as it’s expected to be.

This is quite unsafe both for you and your car. Because if the latches are poorly connected, someone can easily break into your car. There is also a huge risk of the hardtop coming apart when driving at high speeds.

Should you suspect that the latches of your convertible hardtop are damaged, please have them inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

• Expensive Repairs and Replacements

If you are a car enthusiast then you must be aware of the contrasting opinions people have towards convertibles. The negative opinions mostly have to do with the high costs of replacements and repairs.

If you own or plan to own the Chrysler 200 convertible, you must know that hardtop parts are expensive and difficult to source. The latter situation has been made worse by Chrysler’s decision to discontinue the manufacture of this model.

Whether you’re dealing with damaged switches or leaks, you’ll have to part with lots of money during repairs. This is something that you have to be psychologically and financially prepared for.

• Funny Sounds When Retracting the Hardtop

This problem is more rampant in older models of the Chrysler 200 convertible. It’s mostly caused by wear and tear. You’ll mostly hear them when retracting your hardtop.

Apart from these sounds being annoying, they usually signify an issue with the mechanical parts within the hardtop’s system. A proper diagnosis can help identify the source of these noises and get rid of them.

• “Top Not Secure” Error on the Dash

If your Chrysler 200 convertible hardtop is misbehaving, you’ll run into the “top not secure” error on the dashboard. The reason I listed this problem as the last one is that it’s caused by a wide range of issues.

For instance, if the hydraulic system is faulty, this error will be displayed. The same thing will happen when some of the sensors get damaged.

There are some quick fixes to this problem such as restarting the closing cycle of the hardtop. However, that will depend on what’s causing the error. If it’s a faulty hydraulic system, you have to get that fixed so that this error can disappear.

Chrysler 200 Hardtop Convertible

How to Prevent Chrysler 200 Hardtop Cover Problems?

• Make a habit of lubricating the moving parts on your hardtop – Every time you are servicing your car, make sure that you lubricate the moving parts of your retractable hardtop.

This mainly entails the hydraulic system. Frequent lubrication ensures smoother operation and minimizes noises that are heard when opening or closing the hardtop on your Chrysler 200 convertible.

• Do not use excessive force when your hardtop is misbehaving – I get it, it can be very annoying when your hardtop stops closing or opening mid-air.

And you may be tempted to yank it into position. Doing so can misalign the hardtop or break some mechanical parts.

• Frequently inspect the hardtop – Don’t get too comfortable when the hardtop of your Chrysler 200 convertible is working perfectly.

Regular inspection allows you to identify and rectify problems before they become severe. For instance, through inspection, you can spot worn-out weatherstripping and repair it before the rainy season.

Has Chrysler Ever Made a Recall for Hardtop Convertible Problems?

I did some digging and Chrysler has never done a recall related to hardtop issues, specifically for their convertible 200 series. The only recall I came across was due to an insufficient wire gauge on the driver’s door side.

This recall for the Chrysler 200 was for models made between May 19th to 21st June 2014. There was also another recall for airbags and seats. But that’s pretty much it. There haven’t been any recalls related to the hardtop.

Are Chrysler 200 Hardtop Convertible Problems Rampant?

I wouldn’t say that Chrysler 200 hardtop convertible problems are rampant. But if you head over to popular car forums, you’ll run into several complaints about the convertible’s hardtop.

Some common complaints include; the “top not secure” error, a faulty hydraulic system, and dead switches that prevent the hardtop from retracting fully.

It’s quite interesting that the number of complaints about leaks was very low. Considering that this is the biggest problem known to convertible cars around the world.

You should also not forget that the Chrysler 200 series was discontinued in 2017 and launched in 2011.

Therefore, there aren’t so many models available which means that we can’t specifically generalize these problems from the few experiences owners have had. But it’s good to know what to expect and how to deal with it.

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