Kranzle 1322 Vs. 1622: A Detailed Comparison

The Kranzle 1322 and 1622 models are standout options when selecting a pressure washer for car wash applications. Both offer unique features and performance capabilities that fit different cleaning needs.

Whether you’re a car wash professional or an automotive enthusiast, understanding the differences between these two models will help you choose what best suits your needs.

Kranzle pressure washer

1. Pressure Output and Flow Rate

Kranzle 1322

The Kranzle 1322 is designed for high-performance cleaning with a pressure output of up to 2,000 PSI. This pressure level is ideal for removing tough dirt and grime, making it suitable for larger vehicles and deep cleaning tasks.

Its flow rate of 1.9 GPM ensures efficient dirt removal, allowing for a thorough wash in less time. However, the high pressure requires careful handling to avoid damaging delicate car surfaces.

Kranzle 1622

In contrast, the Kranzle 1622 offers a more moderate pressure output of up to 1,400 PSI, perfect for general car washing needs.

With a flow rate of 1.7 GPM, it provides effective cleaning without being overly harsh on vehicle surfaces. This makes it ideal for routine washing of cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

The lower pressure is less suited for heavily soiled areas but dramatically reduces the risk of damaging sensitive areas like paint and trim.

2. Design and Portability

Kranzle 1322

The Kranzle 1322 features a robust design with a steel frame, making it ideal for stationary setups where mobility is less of a concern.

Weighing approximately 55 lbs, it is more challenging to move around, which can be a drawback for mobile car wash services or spot cleaning. However, its sturdy build ensures durability and stability, making it a reliable choice for fixed locations.

Kranzle 1622

On the other hand, the Kranzle 1622 is designed for portability, weighing around 47 lbs and featuring a compact, lightweight design.

This makes it easy to transport and maneuver, which is particularly beneficial for mobile car wash services. While it’s less robust than the 1322, its portability and ease of use make it an excellent choice for detailers who need to move their equipment frequently.

3. Usability and Features

Kranzle 1322

The Kranzle 1322 boasts adjustable pressure settings, providing flexibility for different cleaning tasks. It includes a total stop system that enhances energy efficiency by shutting off the motor when the trigger is released.

This feature is handy for professional car washes that require varied cleaning intensities. However, its advanced settings might need more experience to use effectively without risking damage to car surfaces.

Kranzle 1622

The Kranzle 1622 is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring a straightforward interface that’s easy to operate. It includes a pressure gauge built for simplicity, making it ideal for routine car washing tasks.

While it lacks some of the 1322’s advanced features, such as higher adjustable pressure, its ease of use makes it an excellent option for users looking for a no-fuss cleaning solution.

4. Cleaning Performance

Kranzle 1322

Thanks to its high pressure and flow rate, the Kranzle 1322’s cleaning power is impressive. It’s particularly effective at removing harsh contaminants, making it suitable for heavily soiled vehicles, including off-road and commercial vehicles.

Its ability to tackle deep grime and mud is unmatched, although it might be overkill for everyday car washing needs, where a gentler touch might be preferable.

Kranzle 1622

The Kranzle 1622 provides excellent cleaning performance for routine vehicle maintenance. Its moderate pressure is sufficient for removing light to moderate dirt, ensuring safe and effective cleaning for all vehicle surfaces.

It’s perfect for regularly washing cars, light trucks, and vans, balancing thorough cleaning and safety for delicate finishes.

5. Maintenance and Durability

Kranzle 1322

Regular maintenance is essential for the Kranzle 1322 to ensure longevity, especially in high-usage scenarios. Its robust construction is built to withstand frequent use, making it a reliable choice for professional car wash setups.

However, its complex design may require more intensive upkeep and higher maintenance costs.

Kranzle 1622

The Kranzle 1622 is easier to maintain and requires less upkeep. It’s durable enough for light to moderate use, making it ideal for residential or small business car wash operations.

While it may not withstand heavy-duty use as well as 1322, its simpler design translates to less frequent maintenance and lower overall costs.

6. Cost and Value Proposition

Kranzle 1322

The Kranzle 1322 has a higher price tag, reflecting its advanced features and high performance. It offers excellent value for businesses needing a reliable, powerful pressure washer to handle demanding tasks.

Its robustness and versatility for professional detailing shops and car wash businesses justify the higher initial investment.

Kranzle 1622

The Kranzle 1622 is more affordable, offering a good balance of cost and functionality for routine car washing needs. It provides excellent value for hobbyists and small businesses looking for an efficient portable pressure washer.

While it may not handle high-volume tasks as effectively as the 1322, its lower cost makes it a practical choice for less demanding applications.


Choosing between the Kranzle 1322 and 1622 depends on your specific needs and applications. The 1322 is ideal for those requiring high power and robust performance, especially in professional settings, while the 1622 offers a more portable and cost-effective solution for routine car washing.

Understanding each model’s features and capabilities allows you to select the pressure washer that best meets your needs and ensures optimal vehicle maintenance.

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