Are ESR Wheels Good? (Explained)

ESR wheels are priced well and their styles are appealing. However, for a car owner who is looking for a good set of wheels, you should know that there is more to buying wheels than just looking at the design and cost.

One of the most important things that should be heavily considered is the quality and strength of a wheel. If a certain wheel bends easily, then no matter how affordable or stylish it is, it really won’t be worth spending on.

Various car owners have undergone different experiences with ESR wheels. Some have had great experiences with ESR wheels, and others can’t even stand hearing this name mentioned in their presence.

Over the years, cast wheels have been in the spotlight for not being the most reliable.

However, wheel manufacturers have stepped up their game, and most brands, ESR inclusive now use a different manufacturing process that produces quality and stronger wheels.

In the eyes of most car owners, cast is always going to be cast, irrespective of the manufacturing process. Anyway, if you have got your mind focused on ESR wheels, here is what you need to know.

ESR makes some good wheels, especially when compared to other brands that fall under the same price range.

Their wheels are aesthetically pleasing and if taken proper care of, they can serve you and your ride for a considerable duration. They fit well and can hold up to some light exposure to rough terrains.

When new, the wheels have an excellent finish. With time, however, pitting will develop. This is most likely to happen during or after winter.

This shouldn’t be a big problem because you can always have them refinished time after time.

Another downside of ESR wheels is that they are heavy. Therefore, these wheels are automatically disqualified for use on performance cars.

are esr wheels good

Should I Buy ESR Wheels?

If you are dealing with a strict budget, ESR wheels can be a great choice. From their price point, these are a lovely set of wheels that will look good on your car.

They however require a lot of maintenance to prevent pitting. And, you can’t put these wheels through hell, because they won’t be able to endure and will bend easily.

With the above in mind, you need to evaluate how the features of ESR wheels apply to your situation. If your area has perfect roads with no potholes, then you can get ESR wheels.

At the end of the day, you should be able to live with both the pros and cons of the wheel brand you settle on.

Why are ESR Wheels So Popular?

The first reason behind this brand’s popularity is its price. Unlike other brands, ESR brings you some of the most stylish wheels at great prices.

Their wheels come in a variety of colors and designs, which fit nearly all car brands even luxury ones. Their wheel designers are always updated with the latest trends.

So, if you are interested in turning heads wherever you drive, these wheels have got you covered.

ESR is also famous for making wheels in different sizes. And compared to brands in its category, ESR wheels boast of high quality.

They have partnered with several dealers and as a result, their wheels are easily available in most states. Therefore, getting your hands on some ESR wheels shouldn’t really be a problem.

Who is ESR?

Most people know that ESR makes stylish cast and forged wheels. However, that’s the only thing that they know about this brand.

If you are interested in getting wheels for your vehicle, you need to familiarize yourself with the brand.

ESR is one of the most reputable wheel brands in the auto industry. Their wheels are made here in the US and they are known to be stylish, affordable, and fairly durable. As mentioned earlier, they make cast and multi-piece forged wheels.

Currently, they are working on forged monoblock wheels which are going to be stronger and lighter than the ones we have mentioned earlier.

This is a brand that is gaining popularity all over the world. If you look up most reviews, you are either going to find great or terrible reviews.

With ESR, there are no neutral opinions. Even though it is important to listen to the opinions of other car owners, you need to make an informed decision before buying aftermarket parts of your car.

You should also know that no product is perfect. There are going to be pros and cons.

Back to ESR, despite what people say, the company is really doing good. Did you know that ESR sells more than 1800 wheelsets in a month?

This means that people prefer this brand over many others. And this wouldn’t be the case if ESR was making low-quality wheels.

They may not have the most active customer care representatives but if you do have any inquiries about these wheels, you may reach to the many dealers they have partnered with.

What Are Some of Their Most Popular Wheels?

Before listing their most popular wheels, please note that ESR has got tons of options for car owners to choose from.

No matter what your taste and preferences are, ESR has got many styles and they are still making more. Some of their popular wheel designs include the ESR SR05, ESR SR08, and ESR SR06.

Other People’s Thoughts on ESR Wheels

To fully gauge whether ESR wheels are good or not, we looked through other people’s experiences and compiled their thoughts on ESR wheels.

As we had discussed earlier, most opinions on ESR are either good or bad. From our research, we have however realized that more than two-thirds of ESR reviews are positive.

This is an indication that many people like these wheels. And even though they may not be of the highest quality, they hold up pretty well.

The biggest concern most people have on ESR wheels is the quality. The casting process of ESR wheels is known to be very inferior compared to that of brands.

This is why ESR wheels cost way less than some of their competitors. One thing however that you will come to realize about aftermarket car parts is that you get exactly what you pay for.

This is why ESR is more affordable than others. So, if you have the money and want quality, you can go for high-quality wheels.

Be as it may, there are thousands of car owners out there that have grown to love these wheels.

Their price is a key factor that makes these wheels a top choice for the many people who want style and elegance but don’t have enough money to buy stronger wheels.

ESR vs Enkei

Are you torn between ESR and Enkei? The latter should be your top choice not because they are popular, but because they make stronger and lighter wheels.

ESR wheels are quite heavy and because of the casting process they undergo, they are not as strong.

On any day, when you are comparing two wheel brands, always go for the one with lighter wheels as this will enhance the performance of your vehicle.

And the stronger your wheels are the more they will be able to hold up even when abused and exposed to rough tracks.

Is ESR the Best Entry-Level Wheel Brand?

Even if they are not the best, ESR is definitely at the top of entry-level wheel brands.

If you browse through their catalog, you will definitely appreciate the efforts this company has taken into providing users with a wide range of wheel designs that look great and ensure safety on the road.

When Did ESR Enter the Market?

It was founded in April 2014. And for the past 7 years, ESR has come from very far and has established a name for itself in the wheel industry.

Competing with other wheel brands that it already found in the market, ESR is definitely a wheel brand to keep an eye on in the coming years.

Who Should Get ESR and Why?

ESR wheels are made for automotive enthusiasts that are looking for stylish wheels at affordable prices. And aren’t really concerned about weight nor originality.

Obviously, ESR wheels are replicas, so if this is something that bothers you, this may not be such a good choice.

However, the designs look really good and will blend perfectly with most car models. If you look at their website, you will see that they have two main designs that resemble the Volk te37.

ESR also has some original designs which you may like if you have a thing against replicas.

Narrowing down to the most important thing which is the quality of the wheel structure, ESR wheels are fairly strong.

Meaning that you can use them for daily drives or when taking your car to shows.

If you go with these wheels, you better keep off potholes or anything else that may damage its structure. This is because ESR’s are going to bend when they are overstrained.

Considering the number of years ESR has been around, they need to work on their reputation.

It is easy to get swayed away from buying ESR wheels when you look at the negative comments regarding this brand on social media and in most car forums.

Fortunately, the above article has filled you in on all you need to know about ESR wheels and whether they are worth buying.