Galvanized Pipe For Exhaust (A Viable Option Or A Risky Choice?)

Galvanized pipes

Stainless steel is often considered the best material for an exhaust pipe. It can withstand high temperatures and it’s highly resistant to corrosion. However, stainless steel isn’t the only material that car owners can use for pipe exhausts. Some people use aluminized steel, chromed steel, and our main focus in today’s article – galvanized steel. If … Read more

Are Running Boards Universal? (Explained)

SUV Running Board

Running boards facilitate smooth entry and exit from a vehicle, especially one with high ground clearance. They are common in trucks and SUVs. From a physical point of view, running boards may look the same, and you may assume they are interchangeable. But are running boards universal? Keep on reading to find out. Are Running Boards … Read more

How Long Do Bilstein Shocks Last? (Explained)

Bilstein shocks

There is a lot of conflicting information about the lifespan of Bilstein shocks. We can all agree that they are one of the best shocks on the market and come with a lifetime warranty. However, knowing how often these shocks should be replaced is essential. Bilstein shocks can last for 50,000 to 100,000 miles. As … Read more

Can You Put PPF On Your Windshield? (Explained)


Paint protection film has been around for a while now. As it gained popularity in the auto world, car owners started hacking it in several ways. For instance, besides being used on paint, PPF these days is also used to protect windshields. So, if you are wondering whether you can install PPF on your windshield, … Read more

Will Suburban Fender Flares Fit A Silverado? (Solved)

Chevrolet Silverado LTZ

For years, many car owners have questioned the primary purpose of fenders. Some claim that they are purely for aesthetics. Others believe they exist to protect the car from rock, debris, and mud. The truth is that fender flares protect a vehicle from offroad debris and rocks when they come into contact with your wheels. … Read more

Are Aluminum Lug Nuts Safe? (Explained)

aluminum lug nuts

Car owners are mainly concerned with their car’s central parts, such as the engine or transmission. They forget that the smaller components also matter. A good example is the lug nuts. The purpose of a lug nut is to fasten the wheel to the axle. Though small, lug nuts ensure the vehicle’s safety by securing … Read more

Can You Put 2500 Leaf Springs On A 1500 Chevy? (Answered)

chevy 2500 leaf springs on 1500

The main reason you may be interested in swapping 1500 leaf springs with 2500 is to upgrade the rear of your truck. Perhaps you could be anticipating carrying a more significant load on your car in the coming days and don’t think your old 1500 leaf springs are up for the task. Or it’s something … Read more