Gloss Clear Coat Over Matte Paint: What To Expect

A matte paint should be covered with a matte clear coat. The latter creates a micro-rough finish that doesn’t let light pass through, thus minimizing the sheen of the matte paint beneath.

However, what if you apply a gloss clear coat over a matte paint? Would it turn glossy, or would it stay matte? That’s what we are going to find out in today’s article.

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Achieving a Glossy Finish on Matte Paint: Is It Possible?

First, let’s start with a compatibility check of these two paints. A gloss clear coat can be applied over matte paint.

Even though the gloss clear coat will add a layer of protection over the matte paint, you may not be delighted with the result. Regarding matte paint, it’s advisable to choose a clear coat that is flat or has a low gloss level.

Gloss Over Matte: What to Expect

The first thing that happens when you apply a gloss clear coat over matte paint is that it transforms the matte finish into a glossier one.

Matte paint has a dull and non-reflective texture. When you cover it with a gloss clear coat, you add more reflection to the surface, which changes the finish to either gloss or semi-gloss.

A gloss clear coat increases the shine of matte paint. This is counterintuitive, considering that most people into matte paint enjoy the dull finish. So, the bottom line is that a gloss clear coat will make matte paint glossier.

Will Gloss Clear Coat Affect My Matte Paint’s Color?

Texture isn’t the only thing you should be worried about when applying a gloss clear coat over matte paint. This procedure can also change the color of your matte paint in the following ways;

A gloss clear coat will intensify the color of matte paint. As a result, it will appear to be more vibrant than before.

Also, a gloss clear coat will add more reflective properties to matte paint thus making the color more vivid.

On matte paint, a gloss clear coat can significantly increase the sheen level.

There are specific scenarios where a gloss clear coat turns matte paint yellowish.

So, as you apply a gloss clear coat over matte paint, expect some color changes.

The Pros of Gloss Clear Coat on Matte Paint

Apart from changing the appearance of your matte paint from dull to glossy, a gloss clear coat comes with a couple of benefits, which include;

• Better Protection Against Scratches and the Elements: Clear coat is still clear coat, whether glossy or matte.

As long as it’s applied correctly, it will add a layer of protection that will keep the matte paint safe from scratches, UV rays, rain, and much more.

• It’s Easier to Maintain: Unlike matte clear coats with a rough finish, glossy clear coats are much smoother and, therefore, easier to clean.

• It Can Make Your Car’s Exterior Look More Unique: Most people choose gloss or matte. But if you have both, you’ll be able to create contrast.

This can help improve the uniqueness of your car’s exterior finish. Some might even call this creativity.

• Aesthetic Appeal: If you’re no longer interested in the matte finish, applying a gloss clear coat can change the look of your car and make it more aesthetically appealing.

Can Gloss Clear Coat Revive My Dull Matte Paint?

If you have a car with a worn-out matte finish, you can use a gloss clear coat to revive it. A gloss clear coat can add shine to matte paint thus making it appear livelier.

As I said earlier, a gloss clear coat can also enhance the color of matte paint and make it appear more vivid and vibrant. It smooths the surface of matte paint and adds reflectivity properties.

Please note that a gloss clear coat can only revive slightly worn-out matte paint. If the damage to your matte paint is excessive, your only option is to paint it afresh.

Essential Considerations Before Applying Gloss Clear Coat to Matte Paint

Should you feel the urge to apply a gloss clear coat over matte paint, I have compiled a few factors you need to consider.

• Changes in aesthetics: First, you should know that the matte finish will turn dull into glossy or semi-glossy.

• Compatibility: You need to determine what matte paint is made of. Is it water-based or acrylic? Knowing this information is crucial in deciding which gloss clear coat it’s most compatible with.

• Proper Application: Next, you need to follow the correct application techniques. Start by cleaning the surface of the matte paint.

I highly recommend testing the gloss clear coat on an inconspicuous area. Please identify a suitable application technique. You could roll, brush, or spray.

Gloss Clear Coat

Choosing the Best Gloss Clear Coat for Matte Paint: A Step-by-Step Guide

To help you figure out the best clear coat for matte paint, here are a few things you need to keep in mind;

Always go for reputable brands.

Check if the ingredients of the gloss clear coat are compatible with matte paint.

Don’t ignore customer reviews.

Consider the level of gloss. Different clear coats have varying gloss levels. Your decision here will be based on your aesthetic preferences.

If you’re having trouble deciding on the best gloss clear coat for matte paint, consult your favorite auto paint shop.

You should hire these guys to paint the gloss clear coat over the matte paint if you lack basic painting skills and experience.

Professional Tips for Applying Gloss Clear Coat to Matte Paint

To get the best results when applying a gloss clear coat over matte paint, here are tips you should follow;

Gloss clear coat should always be applied to a clean, dry matte paint surface. This is the only way to ensure strong adhesion.

Make sure that the gloss clear coat is mixed thoroughly to ensure consistency.

Apply even and thin coats of gloss clear coat.

Give each coat enough time to dry. Confirm this with the manufacturer.

You could sand the gloss clear coat to get a smoother finish.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Combining Gloss Clear Coat and Matte Paint

Because a gloss clear coat isn’t the recommended paint on a matte finish, some problems may creep in. They include;

• Change in texture: This is when the matte paint turns from dull to glossy. It can be unpleasant, especially if you are a matte enthusiast.

• Color change: As mentioned earlier, a gloss clear coat will change some matte-colored paints, which can affect overall aesthetics.

• Appearance of surface imperfections: Because the gloss clear coat reflects more light, imperfections such as scratches will be more visible.

• Bonding problems: The difference in texture between these two finishes can affect adhesion and lead to flaking or delamination.

Undoing a Mistake: Removing Gloss Clear Coat from Matte Paint

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this process is irreversible. When you apply a gloss clear coat over matte paint, these two bond on a molecular level. Therefore, going back to the original matte finish is somewhat impractical.

To remove the glossy clear coat, you will need a paint remover or wet sanding. Both methods have a high chance of stripping the matte paint beneath. If you’re unsure, I wouldn’t advise you to apply a gloss clear coat over matte paint.

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