Is Hardtop Headliner by Mopar Worth It? (Explained)

There are many benefits of choosing a Jeep hardtop over a soft top. With a hard top, you are assured of maximum protection from the elements. They are also extremely durable. A hardtop can withstand anything that is thrown at it.

Despite having all those benefits. There are some limitations. Jeep hardtops comprise mainly of a single rigid wall. Therefore, you get minimal insulation. That’s where Mopar Hardtop Headliners chip in.

Mopar hardtop headliners are designed to offer insulation against temperature and sound. They also add beauty to the interior cabin.

But before you order or buy a Mopar hardtop headliner, it’s essential to research whether it’s a worthy investment.

Today we will discuss the features, pros, and cons of the Mopar hardtop headliner so that you can determine if it’s worth spending money on.

Mopar Hardtop Headliner

What is a Mopar Hardtop Headliner?

Mopar hardtop headliners are a factory option provided by Jeep. They are recommended to improve comfort within the Jeep’s cabin and ensure the car’s HVAC system isn’t overstrained by outdoor temperatures.

The Mopar hardtop headliner is made of a fabric similar to the carpet found on the Wrangler. The foam is 1/8″ thick and features adhesive tapes that attach the headliner to the hardtop. Mopar has done an incredible job with these adhesive tapes because they last very long.

According to the manufacturer, this factory hardtop headliner installs very easily. Provided you follow the instructions, it should be installed within twenty minutes.

Considering that this headliner comes from Jeep, you don’t have to worry about fitment issues. You can’t get this perk from other hardtop headliner brands.

For those who have installed the Mopar hardtop headliner, there are many positive reviews, especially about improved insulation for weather and sound.

When buying the Mopar hardtop headliner, you need to choose correctly depending on the model of your Jeep.

Is It Worth Spending Money on the Mopar Hardtop Headliner?

From the above, it’s clear what the Mopar hardtop headliner is. However, as a Jeep owner, should you dig deeper into your pockets and pay for one to install in your car? Let’s find out.

1. The factory Mopar hardtop headliner is covered under a warranty

One of the main reasons you may be reluctant to buy the factory Mopar hardtop headliner is the additional costs. Understandably, times are tough, and everyone is after cutting all unnecessary expenses.

But this factory option is covered under Jeep’s warranty. Should the adhesion wear out or the headliner stops working, Jeep will repair or replace it for you.

Therefore, there is no reason you should deny yourself the comfort of having a headliner beneath your hardtop for a more comfortable ride.

2. It does a marvelous job of insulating extreme temperatures

The primary purpose of the Mopar hardtop headliner is to offer temperature insulation. The foam introduced beneath the hardtop is an excellent insulation material.

If you live in an area that is too cold or too hot, you can benefit more from installing the factory hardtop headliner by Mopar. It will ensure the temperatures from outside aren’t transferred inside.

It will also help your Jeep’s AC regulate and confine the cabin’s temperatures. If you reside in an area that experiences normal weather throughout the year, it may not be worth paying for the Mopar hardtop headliner.

3. It insulates sound from outside

Temperature insulation isn’t the only benefit of the Mopar hardtop headliner. You also enjoy better sound insulation.

The best way to know how much sound the Mopar hardtop headliner insulates is to ride in a car with this option and one without. You will notice a big difference.

The foam padding on the Mopar hardtop headliner eliminates road noise whether you are on the highway or offroad. Sound insulation also promotes ride comfort, making your journeys more fun.

With a Mopar headliner on your Jeep hardtop, for the first time, you will be able to talk to other passengers without shouting when driving on the highway.

4. It looks great

Even though the rugged look of a Jeep’s hardtop is appealing to most owners, a headliner adds more beauty to the interior.

Instead of seeing a bare finish when you look up, the Mopar hardtop headliner transforms the roof of your Jeep into a more polished and finished look.

5. It is straightforward to install

The installation of the Mopar hardtop headliner is pretty effortless. The fact that it is a factory product guarantees it is a perfect fit. That’s unlike hardtop headliners from other brands that may need modifications to fit.

Considering these four factors, investing in a Mopar hardtop headliner is entirely worth it. You get better temperature and sound insulation and improve the interior aesthetics of your cabin.

Also, it’s super easy to install, and it is covered by a warranty.

Customer Reviews of the Hardtop Headliner by Mopar

Before you purchase this hardtop headliner from Mopar, it’s essential to find out what other Jeep owners think. Below we have rounded up some things people like about the Mopar hardtop headliner.

Most reviews have praised this headliner for its ability to reduce noise.

People also like how it installs pretty easily.

The warranty is a plus.

It performs well during winter and summer.

It is a durable headliner. Some Jeep owners have had the Mopar hardtop headliner for years.

Most of the reviews are very positive. However, there are a couple of negative reviews. For instance, some argue that these factory hardtop headliners are more expensive than aftermarket options. That is very true.

With adequate research, you will find tons of hardtop headliners at half or even a quarter the price of Mopar’s. A good example is the Hotheads hardtop headliner.

But before you consider the alternatives, there are certain factors you have to keep in mind, such as the warranty. Will aftermarket hardtop headliners cater for damages or repairs when the product fails? Probably not.

Also, how durable are these aftermarket hardtop headliners? Can they match the quality of the factory Mopar headliners?

Unless you are on a tight budget or don’t like the factory look of Mopar hardtop headliners, there is no need to consider its alternatives.

While we are still on alternatives, if you are interested in other hardtop headliners besides Mopar, here are some top recommendations. Hotheads is Mopar’s main competitor.

It is then followed by the likes of Jeep Topliner Coverking. Before settling on a particular headliner, it’s important to conduct adequate research.

How to Install a Mopar Hardtop Headliner?

Earlier, we mentioned that one of the perks of a Mopar headliner is its easy installation. If you have settled for this headliner, here is a quick overview of how to install it.

1. Ensure that you install when the temperatures are around 60 to 100 degrees F. This guarantees better adhesion.

2. Uninstall the soundbar. If there is a soundbar on your Jeep’s roof, it will interfere with the installation of the hardtop headliner. Unscrew the bolts holding the sound bar in position and unplug the soundbar from the passenger’s side.

3. Clean the panels with rubbing alcohol. The adhesive strips must be attached to a clean and impurity-free surface.

4. Attach the headliner to the roof of your Jeep hardtop while firmly pressing on it.

5. Repeat the above procedure to the rear panels. Even though you can pull this job by yourself, it’s better if you have an assistant.

6. Reinstall your sound bar, and then take the Jeep for a drive to test the insulation capabilities of the Mopar hardtop headliner. The installation is that easy.

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