3 Monroe Quick-Strut Problems (Explained)

Installing the Monroe Quick-Strut comes with its fair share of issues. These rods are designed to bend up to 15mm with no cracking or fractures to retain the vehicle’s control during a road impact.

Unlike regular coil springs, Monroe Quick-Strut performs twice as well. When you compare them with other alternatives in the market, Monroe’s are stronger and, therefore, more popular.

Monroe’s quick struts are not all perfect. Some car owners have filed numerous complaints over the past few years.

If you are interested in installing these rods in your car, you should familiarize yourself with Monroe’s quick strut problems. For those who already have them, you can learn something valuable from these issues.

monroe quick strut problems

1. Premature Failure

According to some user reviews, Monroe quick struts experience premature failure. Unfortunately, if you get these faulty struts, they should fail a couple of meters after installation.

There is a report of a guy who experienced premature failure on his quick struts after driving 500 yards from where the struts were installed. A failing Monroe quick strut usually makes knocking sounds when you turn the wheels.

The primary cause of Monroe’s quick strut failure is bad bearings. There may be other causes, but this is the common culprit. Premature failure is often unavoidable since the person to blame is the manufacturer.

Monroe has never claimed responsibility for using bad bearings on some of their quick struts. Replacing the bearing should resolve this issue right away.

Some mechanics replace these bearings with those from another brand, such as Motorcraft, and they work just fine. This requires a lot of research because compatibility issues can arise.

2. Monroe Quick Struts Raise Ride Height

If you are keen on details, after installing the Monroe quick struts, you should notice that it raises the ride height. This is another common complaint from car owners who installed these quick struts.

When you head over to the Monroe website, they claim that their quick struts restore ride height. Since their struts are made according to various cars’ engine sizes and models, they should retain the original ride height.

However, from the actual experiences of car owners with Monroe quick struts, these coil springs increase the height of vehicles.

Some people like this and others not so much. If you belong to the latter group, these quick struts may not be right for you.

3. Produce Some Noise after a While

Eventually, Monroe will have to do something about their bearings because these are also the primary cause of squeakiness and noise production. This noise often comes from the top of the strut where the bearings are located.

Being the durable, quick struts that Monroe claims they are, these struts shouldn’t be making noise as you drive.

It can be annoying, more so if both of them are producing noise simultaneously. A quick fix that can help reduce the noise is spraying some silicon.

It’s quite unfortunate that Monroe’s quick struts start making these funny noises a couple of miles after installation.

Most original struts can go for years without making such sounds. It doesn’t make sense why Monroe’s quick struts can become noisy in a year or less.

If you hear a clunking noise coming from the strut, then you should have it checked as soon as possible. That usually indicates a mechanical part on the strut has worn out. Your mechanic can diagnose the problem and give you the best solution.

What Does Monroe Say About These Issues?

Monroe is undoubtedly a big company that is popular for manufacturing quick struts. However, they don’t have the best customer care, team.

Many clients have tried reaching out to Monroe because of some of these issues. Only a fraction of the complaints sent to Monroe get feedback. This means that a good number of complaints go unnoticed.

Has Monroe ever accepted liability for some of these issues? Well, regarding the faulty bearings, Monroe did admit that some of the bearings they had made were faulty.

This was a couple of years ago. Because of that, they also accepted returns for some of the quick struts made during that period.

Does Monroe have a Warranty for the Quick Struts?

Monroe has a limited warranty for their quick strut. It applies to the use of this accessory on light trucks and private passenger cars. To claim this warranty, you also need to be the original purchaser of this vehicle.

It’s important to note that Monroe’s warranty doesn’t cover installation and removal costs.

They will replace the defective product as long as it meets the warranty terms. You should also know that their warranty doesn’t apply to quick struts sold via unauthorized dealers.

Various clients have had different experiences when claiming a warranty from Monroe. Some have argued that Monroe customer care reps are slow and not very helpful.

Some have had amazing experiences. This isn’t very different from what happens in other companies.

How Long Can Monroe Quick Struts Serve You?

If installed correctly, Monroe Quick Struts can serve you for many years. However, the above problems can occur at any time. Regarding the issues above, they can occur as early as six months or within a year.

From what we have gathered online, these issues mostly surface after a year. The good news is that Monroe has a limited lifetime warranty. You can use this warranty and get a replacement for faulty struts.

What Role Do Struts Play in a Car?

Struts offer more support to a car’s suspension springs. They facilitate the alignment and steering of the vehicle. Proper functioning struts should absorb the shock that a car takes upon impact. Struts also promote smoother rides.

Similar to other vehicle components, struts do become weaker with time. After continuous use, struts reach a breaking point where they no longer work. There are some warning signs such as leaking of hydraulic fluid as well as tire wear.

Monroe is amongst the most popular struts manufacturers in the market.

These struts are so famous because they don’t require assembling. Therefore, this makes installation easy. Other than the above problems mentioned above, Monroe quick struts make an excellent accessory to have in your car. They are twice as good as original struts and last longer.

Who Should Get Monroe Quick Struts?

After going through Monroe’s quick strut problems, you are probably wondering, are these struts right for me? Issues aside, these struts can enhance your driving experience.

These struts will give you a smoother ride and better steering control by absorbing shock from impact.

So, what type of motorists should get the Monroe quick strut? If you are not a fan of installing struts, these coil rods come assembled and ready for installation.

If you are looking for a fast solution to changing struts, Monroe provides you with everything you may need.

Moving on, these struts perform exceptionally well. At Monroe, there are struts available for every type of car. So, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

The other thing is durability. Monroe quick struts are quite durable. Apart from the few made using low-quality bearings, these struts should serve you for years.

Are There Advantages of Buying Monroe Quick Struts?

All products in the auto market have advantages and disadvantages. Our review of common Monroe quick strut problems would be incomplete if we didn’t look at the positive attributes.

Here are the advantages of using Monroe quick struts;

  • The installation procedure is fairly simple. Compared to its competitors, it’s very simple for you to install these struts in your car. Please note that by saying the installation procedure is easy, we mean to folks with some mechanical experience. It’s not going to be easy if you don’t have a clue what you are doing.


  • The struts improve the car’s safety by absorbing shock from impact.


  • Considering that the installation is easy, it will take you very little time to have these struts installed in your car.


  • Monroe Quick-Struts improve the handling of the vehicle.


  • Monroe makes struts for many car models. When buying, you must ensure that you order the right one for your car. This is to help avoid incompatibility issues.


  • The struts made by Monroe meet OE performance standards.

What is Included in the Monroe Quick-Strut Kit?

As mentioned previously, Monroe will provide you with everything you may need to install struts. The first thing you will get in the installation kit is a coil spring.

These are quite durable and are powder-coated to prevent rust development. There is a bootkit that prevents debris and dirt from getting into the strut.

Because of their location, struts can accumulate a lot of dirt that can hinder performance. There are spring isolators that reduce noise. You will also get a bearing plate, upper spring seat, premium strut, and much more.

There should be a guide in the kit to guide you on the installation procedure. If you don’t have experience with strut installation, you should hire a mechanic.

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