Can You Powder Coat Lug Nuts? (Solved)

lug nuts

We are all aware of the benefits of powder coating. Most of us have powder-coated wheels, roll bars, struts, and other chassis parts. Powder coating is more durable than paint and serves you longer. Are you considering powder coating your lug nuts? If you are interested in getting a professional opinion about powder coating lug … Read more

3 Most Common Chrysler 300 Front Suspension Problems (Explained)

Chrysler 300 front suspension problems

With a 3.6L engine and a luxury interior, the Chrysler 300 is one of the most powerful and comfortable full-size sedans. Besides its elegance and spacious cabin, the Chrysler 300 is known to provide decent gas mileage and overall reliability. However, we are yet to come across a car that can be considered flawless so … Read more

3 Monroe Quick-Strut Problems (Explained)

monroe quick strut problems

Installing the Monroe Quick-Strut comes with its fair share of issues. These rods are designed to bend up to 15mm with no cracking or fractures to retain the vehicle’s control during a road impact. Unlike regular coil springs, Monroe Quick-Strut performs twice as well. When you compare them with other alternatives in the market, Monroe’s … Read more