Can You Use Fluid Film On Paint? (Explained)

Fluid Film

Fluid Film is internationally recognized as one of the best corrosion preventive and lubricant products on the market. It stops rust on contact, and thanks to its penetrative capabilities, Fluid Film can find its way to hard-to-reach areas on your vehicle. In the automotive industry, Fluid Film has a wide range of applications. But can … Read more

Can You Powder Coat Lug Nuts? (Solved)

lug nuts

We are all aware of the benefits of powder coating. Most of us have powder-coated wheels, roll bars, struts, and other chassis parts. Powder coating is more durable than paint and serves you longer. Are you considering powder coating your lug nuts? If you are interested in getting a professional opinion about powder coating lug … Read more

How To Get Water Spots Off Plastic Chrome Trim? (Detailed Answer)

plastic chrome trim

A chrome finish, whether it’s on metal or plastic, should always look bright and shiny. Water spots can prevent this from happening. And if not dealt with urgently, water spots can lead to oxidation, making the plastic chrome trim look dull. If you have seen some water spots on your plastic chrome trim and are … Read more

Can You Use Brake Cleaner On Chrome? (Solved)

chrome wheel

Brake dust is chrome’s worst enemy. Long-term exposure to brake dust can lead to the pitting of chrome surfaces, forcing car owners to re-chrome affected parts. A project that costs a lot of money. To prevent chrome pitting, it must be cleaned regularly, especially if located near brake pads. There are many chrome cleaners in … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Rechrome A Bumper? (Solved)

chrome bumper

Re-chroming is an excellent way for you to restore damaged chrome surfaces. If the chrome on your bumper has started showing signs of wear, you can fix it through re-chroming. Most people are familiar with chroming and its costs. However, not everyone can estimate how much they will pay for re-chroming a bumper. Is re-chroming … Read more

Does Self Etching Primer Work on Chrome? (Explained)

chrome exhaust pipe

Due to its properties, a self-etching primer may seem like a suitable product to use on a chrome surface. However, since chrome surfaces are difficult to paint over because of their smoothness, such a surface should be sanded before self-etching primer is applied. Therefore, if you are wondering whether you can directly apply self-etching to … Read more