Can You Use Bedliner On Fender Flares? (Solved)

fender flares

For off-road enthusiasts, fender flares do a marvelous job of protecting the paint from dirt and scratches. Fender flares, in some ways, improve the aesthetics of a truck. Like other parts of the car, fender flares are also vulnerable to damage, especially if they are constantly hit by mud and debris. Bedliner is one of … Read more

Can You Fiberglass Over Bare Metal? (Explained)


Fiberglass is one of the most versatile products in the market. As a result, it can bond to nearly all types of surfaces, metal included. However, when bonding fiberglass to metal, you have to consider a couple of things. This article will shed more light on how you can fiberglass over bare metal and ensure … Read more

How To Get Water Spots Off Plastic Chrome Trim? (Detailed Answer)

plastic chrome trim

A chrome finish, whether it’s on metal or plastic, should always look bright and shiny. Water spots can prevent this from happening. And if not dealt with urgently, water spots can lead to oxidation, making the plastic chrome trim look dull. If you have seen some water spots on your plastic chrome trim and are … Read more

Can You Use Nu Finish On Headlights? (Explained)

Damaged and blurred headlight surface as a result of weather condition and aging of a car.

Nu Finish claims that the Scratch Doctor can restore headlight lenses on their official website. They also mention that to do so. You may need to apply some pressure and possibly use the product more than once to get the desired results. If you are currently struggling with hazy and dull headlights, you are interested … Read more

Can You Wax Chrome Exhaust? (Solved)

Double chrome exhaust pipe of powerful sport car with grey plastic details

It’s not just the exhaust, but any part of your car with chrome should not be waxed. Chrome is a non-porous finish. When you wax it, you seal in the moisture and make it hard for the chrome to breathe, accelerating pitting. However, when you go through different forums, you will discover that many car … Read more

How To Paint A Front Lip? (Explained)

how to paint a front lip

You don’t need fifteen years of experience to paint a front lip. All you need are the tools required to pull off this paint job and some professional advice. We won’t buy the tools for you, but we will give you professional advice on painting a front lip. OEM front lips can make your car … Read more

Can You Sand Epoxy Primer? (Explained)

can you sand epoxy primer

Epoxy primer has got a wide array of uses. It can be used as a sealer over bare metal and other types of surfaces. If you are using epoxy primer on your car, you are assured of its ability to seal moisture from coming into contact with the metal and corroding it. Like other products, … Read more

Can You Use Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish on Chrome? (Explained)

can you use mothers mag and aluminum polish on chrome

When it comes to polishes, you should always use one specifically made for that finish. If you are polishing a chrome surface, stick to a chrome polish and if it’s an aluminum surface, do the same. In the auto world, DIY detailers can provide misleading information. A good example is recommending the use of Mothers … Read more

How To Remove Plasti Dip Overspray? (Explained)

how to remove plasti dip overspray

Have you recently discovered the benefits of plasti dip? Did you buy some and use it on your car? In the process, could you have gotten the plasti dip on an unintended surface? Well, this is what we refer to as overspray in the detailing world. If you are new to plasti dip, it is … Read more

How To Clean Car Sun Visor? (Helpful Tips)

how to clean car sun visor

When was the last time you cleaned your car’s sun visor? A lot of car owners ignore sun visors. We only pop them down when we want to protect our eyes from the glare of the sun. Similar to other parts of the car, sun visors also get dirty. When we touch them, we leave … Read more