How To Get Water Spots Off Plastic Chrome Trim? (Detailed Answer)

plastic chrome trim

A chrome finish, whether it’s on metal or plastic, should always look bright and shiny. Water spots can prevent this from happening. And if not dealt with urgently, water spots can lead to oxidation, making the plastic chrome trim look dull. If you have seen some water spots on your plastic chrome trim and are … Read more

Can You Use Brake Cleaner On Chrome? (Solved)

chrome wheel

Brake dust is chrome’s worst enemy. Long-term exposure to brake dust can lead to the pitting of chrome surfaces, forcing car owners to re-chrome affected parts. A project that costs a lot of money. To prevent chrome pitting, it must be cleaned regularly, especially if located near brake pads. There are many chrome cleaners in … Read more

Can You Spray Clear Coat Over Chrome? (Solved)

can you spray clear coat over chrome

A clear coat does a beautiful job of protecting and improving the aesthetics of a surface. It’s why you need to spray some clear coat after painting a car or spraying a coating. Can clear coat offer the same benefits on chrome? Let’s find out. Can You Clear Coat Chrome? Unfortunately, chrome can’t be clear … Read more

Can You Use Tire Shine On Plastic Trim? (Explained)

tire shine on plastic trim

Car owners are required to have different protectants for the dashboard, upholstery, plastic trims, tires, and even the paint job. Sometimes, you may discover that you have run out of one of these protectants. For example, you may not have a protectant for the plastic trim, and you have just finished washing your car. In … Read more

Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Chrome? (Explained)

Raptor Liner over chrome

More and more truck owners are turning to Raptor Liner to protect their truck bumpers, rims, and beds. According to the product’s website, the bed liner can withstand the toughest weather conditions and is resistant to stains, scratches, UV, and common fuels. It can also be applied to a wide variety of substrates, including composites, … Read more

Can You Wax Chrome Exhaust? (Solved)

Double chrome exhaust pipe of powerful sport car with grey plastic details

It’s not just the exhaust, but any part of your car with chrome should not be waxed. Chrome is a non-porous finish. When you wax it, you seal in the moisture and make it hard for the chrome to breathe, accelerating pitting. However, when you go through different forums, you will discover that many car … Read more

Can You Sandblast Chrome Off A Bumper? (Explained)

can you sandblast chrome off a bumper

Sandblasting is one of the easiest and most effective methods of removing chrome from a car surface. Therefore, sandblasting is an excellent removal method if you want to dechrome your bumper. If you have never used a sandblaster, below, we will educate you on how to do so and provide you with helpful tips on … Read more

4 Popular Super Chrome Powder Coat Problems (Explained)

super chrome powder coat problems

Car owners that appreciate a shiny finish can benefit immensely from a super chrome powder coat. This reflective powder creates a finish that resembles chrome. A super chrome powder coat is a much better alternative to chrome plating for those familiar with it. It’s durable, has a vivid and bright appearance, plus it’s more resistant … Read more

Can You Plasti Dip in Cold Weather? (Solved)

can you plasti dip in cold weather

Plasti Dip is the most popular temporary car coating these days. It can be used on wheels, badges, or even the entire vehicle. Plasti Dip, if applied correctly, can last for around two to three years. It’s famous amongst novice detailers because it’s so easy to apply. If you have just bought some Plasti Dip … Read more

How To Paint Chrome Running Boards? (Explained)

how to paint chrome running boards

The funny thing about Chrome is that you either hate or love it. There’s no in-between. If you have a car with chrome side steps and want to ‘unbling’ it, below is an in-depth guide on how to do it. What Will I Need to Paint Chrome Running Boards? • Quality spray paint • Orbital … Read more