How To Get Orange Peel Out Of Single Stage Paint? (Explained)

how to get orange peel out of single stage paint

There is nothing more annoying than seeing an orange peel finish once you spray single-stage paint. It shouldn’t be so hard for you to notice orange peel on paint as it will look the same as the skin of an orange. Orange peel can lower the overall aesthetics of a car paint job, and that’s … Read more

How To Fix Dog Scratches On Car Door? (Solved)

how to fix dog scratches on car door

Car scratches are inevitable if you have a pet dog. Despite being our best friends, dogs can cause significant damage to a car’s finish. These playful, adorable animals are blessed with a set of sharp toenails that, if they make contact with your car door, can leave deep scratches behind. There are many reasons why … Read more

Microfiber Vs. Foam Pads (Compared)

microfiber vs foam pads

The type of polishing pads you use plays a critical role in determining the outcome. Different types of pads come in handy depending on the condition of the car’s paint job. Even though both foam and microfiber pads perform the same role, these two are made using different materials, and the ideal pad you should … Read more

Collinite 845 Vs. 915 (Compared)

Collinite 845 vs 915

Collinite wax products are known to be among the best car waxes on the market. Unlike other brands that engage in vigorous advertising, Collinite’s reputation is mostly passed through recommendations by satisfied customers. Ever since the brand was launched in 1936, Collinite has been consistently producing quality wax. And if you are planning to start … Read more