Audi Brilliant Black Vs. Mythos Black (Compared)

Audi Mythos Black

A black Audi looks mean and aggressive, irrespective of the model or YOM. When paired with a set of great-looking wheels, a black Audi should turn heads wherever you drive to. If you are looking for a black Audi, you must choose between different shades. Some of the most popular shades include Brilliant Black and … Read more

Can You Spray Rhino Liner On Plastic? (Explained)

can you spray rhino liner on plastic

Rhino liner is known to create a durable protective layer on the metal. It is pretty popular amongst truck owners. And is applied mainly on the truck beds. However, can you spray the rhino liner on plastic? Will it hold or peel off the next day? We have excellent news for you if you are … Read more

Can You Plasti Dip in Cold Weather? (Solved)

can you plasti dip in cold weather

Plasti Dip is the most popular temporary car coating these days. It can be used on wheels, badges, or even the entire vehicle. Plasti Dip, if applied correctly, can last for around two to three years. It’s famous amongst novice detailers because it’s so easy to apply. If you have just bought some Plasti Dip … Read more

Rust-Oleum Peel Coat Vs. Plasti Dip (Compared)

rust oleum peel coat vs plasti dip

We have to hand it down to Plasti Dip for popularizing rubber coatings in the auto industry. Recently, Plasti Dip has been facing a lot of competition from Rust-Oleum, who have developed a peel-coat paint spray that works exactly like Plasti Dip. When you visit your nearest store, you will find Rust-Oleum Peel Coat placed … Read more

Black Chrome Vs. Gloss Black (Compared)

black chrome vs gloss black

This might be the most challenging decision you will ever have to make in your life. If you are getting a new set of wheels or grille and prefer a darker color, it’s easy to settle on either black chrome or gloss black. Both look amazing and blend well with a wide range of car … Read more

Can You Use Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish on Chrome? (Explained)

can you use mothers mag and aluminum polish on chrome

When it comes to polishes, you should always use one specifically made for that finish. If you are polishing a chrome surface, stick to a chrome polish and if it’s an aluminum surface, do the same. In the auto world, DIY detailers can provide misleading information. A good example is recommending the use of Mothers … Read more

How Much To Paint A Truck Topper? (Solved)

how much to paint a truck topper

Truck toppers go by many names. They are known as shells, box caps, bed caps, or even canopies. These are small housings fitted on the back of a pickup truck. Initially, truck toppers were used to convert trucks into mini-RVs that would be equipped with beds. With a topper, you can go camping with your … Read more

How To Paint Over Chrome Plastic? (Explained)

how to paint over chrome plastic

Before we can even get started with how to paint over chrome plastic, we must define what chrome plastic is. This is when plastic is placed in a vacuum chamber, and aluminum is vaporized into it using electric filaments. Plastic chrome plating has become a common practice, and if a plastic part of your car … Read more

How To Get Orange Peel Out Of Single Stage Paint? (Explained)

how to get orange peel out of single stage paint

There is nothing more annoying than seeing an orange peel finish once you spray single-stage paint. It shouldn’t be so hard for you to notice orange peel on the paint as it will look the same as the skin of an orange. Orange peel can lower the overall aesthetics of a car paint job, and … Read more