Can You Use Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish on Chrome? (Explained)

can you use mothers mag and aluminum polish on chrome

When it comes to polishes, you should always use one specifically made for that finish. If you are polishing a chrome surface, stick to a chrome polish and if it’s an aluminum surface, do the same. In the auto world, DIY detailers can provide misleading information. A good example is recommending the use of Mothers … Read more

Meguiars Vs. Mothers Clay Bar Kit (Compared)

meguiars vs mothers clay bar kit

Despite being the most overlooked step in the detailing process, claying offers many benefits to cars and their owners. Clay bar kits are designed to glide over car surfaces while removing impurities and anything else that might have bonded with the paint. Claying not only does it prepare a car surface for polishing but also … Read more