How To Clean Mothers Powerball? (Helpful Tips)

Mothers did an excellent job when creating the metal polish known as Powerball. It is not only easy to use, but it does an impressive job at rubbing the polishing compound onto metal.

It’s faster than polishing by hand and offers users several other advantages. If you have already bought the Mothers Powerball and used it to polish your vehicle, are you wondering how you can clean it?

Unfortunately, Mothers do not include cleaning information on the package of the Powerball. And considering the price it goes for, you obviously intend to use it more than once.

So, how do you clean Mothers Powerball?

how to clean mothers powerball

The Best Way of Cleaning Mothers Powerball

The easiest way of cleaning Mothers Powerball is using some dish soap and water.

A combination of the two is usually strong enough to get rid of the polishing compound from the Powerball allowing you to reuse it once more.

You don’t need any strong detergent or harsh cleaners to clean the polish remains off the Mothers Powerball.

What If the Polish has Dried Up on the Mothers Powerball?

Mothers 05141 PowerBall Mini Metal Polishing Tool
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It’s normal to buy and forget to clean a Mothers Powerball after using it to polish your car. If you have been a victim of such, chances are, the polish on the Powerball has already dried up.

When it comes to using Mothers Powerball, you should always clean it immediately after you are done using it.

Failure to do so often leads to the paint and polish drying up. And the longer a Powerball stays without being cleaned, the harder it is for the dirt to remove.

For a Powerball that has dried up the polish, brace yourself for a more thorough cleaning process. But before you get started, it is advisable to evaluate the condition of the Powerball.

If it is discolored and there is a lot of dried-up paint that looks too stubborn to remove, you are better off buying another Powerball instead of wasting a lot of time and effort trying to clean a dirty Powerball.

There are a couple of ways on how you can go about this. The first is to soak it in a DP polishing pad rejuvenator.

This option is ideal mostly for detailers because the odds of finding a regular car owner with a polishing pad cleaner are very low.

So, if in your garage, you can find a polishing pad cleaner, use it to clean the Powerball. And you can be assured that the results will be impressive.

For detailers who have several balls that they would like to clean, buying a pad cleaner can be an excellent investment.

A good pad cleaner should clean and extend the life of the pad. Make sure that you find a pad cleaner that can work on all materials.

The other option is to soak it in a dishwashing detergent and let it sit there for a while.

Dried-up polish can be very stubborn to remove from paint. However, soaking it in dish soap such as dawn can soften the Powerball and allow you to remove the dried-up paint and anything else that may be stuck to it.

After soaking it for a while, rinse it off with water while squeezing the Powerball. Give it some time to dry and your Powerball will look as good as new.

What to Do When Dirt Refuses to Come Off Mothers Powerball?

The above are the only ways on how you can clean Mothers Powerball. What you need to know is that as long as you clean the Powerball immediately after using it to polish, you really shouldn’t run into any problems.

But, if you used it and threw it into one corner of your garage, then it won’t be easy for you to clean it.

This is where you need a stronger cleaner than dish soap. Fortunately, there are several polishing pad cleaners out there that you can use.

If these don’t work, you must look for another alternative. By alternative, we don’t mean going to an auto store near you and spending $24 or more for another Powerball.

But, you can make your own polishing pad that looks and works exactly like a Mothers Powerball. This alternative is an inexpensive option and all you need is some sponge, a hacksaw, and a drill.

Using your hacksaw, cut the sponge on the edges to create a shape that looks exactly like the one on the Mothers Powerball.

If you were good in art and craft classes, this is where your skills will really pay off. Once you have cut the sponge into a neatly shaped object, fit it into the drill and behold, your DIY Mothers Powerball will be ready.

Even though this alternative lacks the touch of the Mothers Powerball and the material can’t compete with that of the latter.

It is an affordable alternative that can help polish your car when you find out that you can’t use your Mother’s Powerball because it is too dirty to be cleaned.

That aside, should this hack work wonders when polishing your vehicle, you can always opt to make your own polishing pad instead of spending the $24 for Mothers Powerball.

What’s So Good about Mothers Powerball?

Mothers 05143 PowerBall 2 Metal Polishing Tool
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We have talked much about the lengths people would go to cleaning the Mothers Powerball. You may be wondering, what is so special about this polishing pad that people would spend their time and effort cleaning it.

Polishing a car isn’t always the easiest thing to do. This is why tools such as Mothers Powerball were invented. With this tool, you can forget about polishing a car with your hands.

For those of you who may have tried polishing car surfaces via hand, you can testify that it’s hard. And it gets harder when you are polishing hard-to-reach surfaces.

Mothers Powerball is one of the most unique polishing pads out there. It comes in a very useful shape that makes polishing fast and easy. Thanks to its design, polishing car surfaces feel like a breeze.

It helps you get the job done in a fraction of the time you would have taken to do the same via hands.

Mothers also made a mini Powerball that is ideal for polishing hard-to-reach areas. If yours is dirty and you are looking to replace it, you can get the mini version.

The construction of the Powerball is another feature that makes it appealing to most car owners. Made using professional-grade closed-cell foam, the Mothers Powerball is highly absorbent and soft.

This feature allows the pad to spread polish evenly and thoroughly on the car surface.

Also, if you are worried about the drill eating through the pad, you can rely on the thick cushion in between that acts as a barrier.

Other than the standard and mini versions of the Powerball, there is a larger one that significantly reduces the amount of time it would take for you to polish the vehicle.

If you have used a Mothers Powerball in the past, then there is no going back to mediocre polishing pads. It does a beautiful job on metal surfaces.

So, if you happen to let dirt ruin your Powerball, you can always buy another but this time, clean it once you are done.

How to Use a Mothers Powerball?

As important as knowing how to clean a Mothers Powerball is, you should also learn how to use it professionally.

Understandably, we are not all gifted with the art of detailing. And if not used correctly, chances are you may not get total value from the Mothers Powerball.

Regarding the use of Mothers Powerball, you need to first get your hands on the right Powerball. They have one for paint, which is the one commonly used to polish car paint.

To use it, you should attach the ball to a drill and switch on the drill with the liquid wax on the ball and polish the car surface.

Using the Mothers Powerball is easy, provided you have got the above tools. As with any detailing process, before polishing the car, it must be cleaned.

And preferably, polishing shouldn’t happen under direct sunlight. To thoroughly spread polish to the car surface, always use the top of the Powerball.

Some people use the sides. This is not advisable as there may be not enough polishing compound on the sides.

When you switch on the drill, always rub it gently so that the wax doesn’t fall off. To ensure you don’t skip some parts or over polish others, divide the area into sections. Always let the wax haze up before buffing it with a microfiber towel.

Don’t forget that after every polishing job, clean the ball as soon as possible.

Let it dry and then whack it back to the plastic packaging to prevent it from getting into contact with dirt or dust. Doing this ensures your Mothers Powerball is ready for its next polishing duty.

If you take proper care of your Mothers Powerball, it will do the same for your car.