Audi Brilliant Black Vs. Mythos Black (Compared)

A black Audi looks mean and aggressive, irrespective of the model or YOM. When paired with a set of great-looking wheels, a black Audi should turn heads wherever you drive to.

If you are looking for a black Audi, you must choose between different shades. Some of the most popular shades include Brilliant Black and Mythos Black.

The right black shade for your Audi depends on your preferences and what you find interesting. However, it’s always a good idea to hear a professional opinion about these two varying colors.

If you are stuck choosing between Audi Brilliant Black and Mythos Black, here is an in-depth comparison of both options.

Audi Mythos Black
Damian B Oh, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s Start with the Audi Brilliant Black

Most black Audis feature the Brilliant Black pigment. It’s not too shouting, and neither is it too dull. It’s a neutral shade of black that looks pretty decent. You will appreciate the Brilliant Black on an Audi if you prefer laid-back paint jobs.

The Audi Brilliant Black doesn’t reflect much light compared to its metallic counterparts. It’s an elegant hue of black that looks impressive across all models of the Audi.

The Brilliant Black blends better with Silver or Black wheels. Also, it looks better if it is paired with a black interior finish.

Brilliant Black is perfect for Audi owners who lead a professional lifestyle. That’s because this color promotes dignity and mystery.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an accountant or a business owner. If you like professionally conducting yourself, I would advise you to go for the Brilliant Black.

The Audi Brilliant Black comes with its fair share of pros and cons. It looks great, but it also picks up scratches easily. Before you settle on such a color, you need to understand your driving environment.

If you rarely interact with bushes or don’t usually park your car in a busy parking lot with lots of traffic, the Brilliant Black can retain its shape for the longest time.

If you are going to get the Brilliant Black, I would advise you to buy polishing equipment as well. That’s the only way you can be assured that it will look better for longer.

When you visit your local dealer, they will tell you that Brilliant Black shows scratches easily. Audi owners who have their cars in Brilliant Black will tell you that it’s hard to keep clean.

Because other than scratches, it also shows water marks and anything else that sticks to paint. You need to be thorough when it comes to cleanliness.

If you are not a detailing enthusiast, I would advise you not to go with Brilliant Black. There are plenty of other paints that are very good at hiding scratches and dirt, such as white or grey. You will be much safer with these options.

That’s because there is a lot of waxing and polishing involved. Other than that, Brilliant Black is a great color.

What is Audi Mythos Black?

The difference between Brilliant Black and Mythos Black is like night and day. Mythos Black is the metallic version of black and is way glossier. Mythos Black makes your Audi seem as if it has just come from the detailing shop because of how it reflects light.

Mythos Black has much more depth than the standard black. It is the go-to choice for most Audi owners who appreciate aesthetics. An Audi with a Mythos Black paint job will turn heads wherever you drive because it looks so good.

It’s a stunning shade of black and is the best option if you are the kind of motorist who loves making a statement. If you want to draw attention to your Audi, this is the color you should buy it in.

Mythos Black has such a unique appearance because of the Metallic Flake in the paint. That’s what makes it shine under the light.

Mythos Black is a beautiful color, but one major drawback is that it’s more difficult to maintain than Brilliant Black. This kind of paint will develop swirl marks when you sneeze 30ft near it.

Mythos requires thorough care and attention if you want it to keep on looking better. It’s the paint job that looks good when in perfect condition. However, you won’t like Mythos Black so much when it’s scratched and dirty.

Before you fall in love with the rich and deep hue of the Mythos black, make sure you commit to taking care of the paint job.

How Are They Different?

• Gloss

Due to the metallic flake in Mythos Black, it’s glossier than Brilliant Black. Among Audi owners, Brilliant Black is often considered flat. Please note that this doesn’t mean Brilliant Black is dull.

It only indicates that it doesn’t reflect as much light as Mythos Black. This is the main difference between Brilliant Black and Mythos Black.

• Cost

As mentioned earlier, most Audis come in Brilliant Black. If you get it in Mythos Black, there is a good chance that the price will cost more. Mythos Black has more detail than the good old-fashioned Brilliant Black.

Therefore, the same Audi model will cost more at the dealership if it’s in Mythos Black than it would have in Brilliant Black. You need to be prepared to pay for the extra cost of the color difference.

• Popularity

Despite the uniqueness, Brilliant Black is the most popular color option compared to these two. Most black Audis are available as Brilliant Black.

If you want one in Mythos Black, you may have to make arrangements with the dealer. Due to this factor, Mythos Black Audis have a higher price tag.

• Personality

Even though both colors are black, Mythos and Brilliant Black appeal to different types of personalities. Brilliant Black is a popular choice for Audi owners who engage in professional careers. You will find a CEO or prominent business person in a Brilliant Black Audi.

Mythos Black Audis are for car enthusiasts interested in something more unique. If you often participate in car shows, you may want an Audi in Mythos Black so that it can reflect under the light.

How Are They Similar?

• Both are Difficult to Maintain

It’s not a matter of gloss or depth, but generally, black cars are difficult to maintain. A black Audi, whether Mythos Black or Brilliant Black, will show scratches, dents, and dirt.

Both colors need car owners who are very keen on detailing. These colors need to be cleaned every week. And the cleaning should be done correctly and followed by a wax job to keep the paint safe.

• Both Colors Belong to City Cars

If you are getting an Audi in Mythos Black or Brilliant Black, the only place you can drive such a car is in the city. These paint jobs are delicate and will get scratched when passing by a bush or tree branch. It’s safe to say that such paint jobs thrive better in the city.

Pros of Brilliant Black

It’s more subtle compared to Mythos Black.

It’s associated with professionalism and elegance.

It looks amazing when clean.

It’s more affordable.


It easily shows scratches.

It’s hard to maintain.

Pros of Mythos Black

It’s glossier and reflects more light.

It’s a unique shade that will turn heads wherever you go.

It’s a perfect color for show cars.

It blends well with a wide range of wheel colors.


It is expensive.

It is hard to maintain.

Which is Better?

Mythos Black and Brilliant Black may look the same, but they are quite different. These two types of paints for Audi appeal to people with different personalities.

If you are more laid back, you should go for Brilliant Black. But if you want to attract attention to your car, Mythos Black won’t let you down.

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