Black Vs. Metallic Black (Compared)

There’s something about black cars. They are attractive and symbolize elegance. A black paint job looks sleek. And no matter the size or brand of the vehicle, you can never go wrong with black.

Compared to gray and silver, black cars are a bit rare. Therefore, there is the added element of uniqueness. Paint colors weren’t a critical factor to consider when buying a vehicle a while back.

Today, it is one of the most important things. This has probably been enhanced by the fact that there are many shades of color these days. Let’s take black, for example. We have black and metallic black.

When you look at these two paint jobs, they look the same, but you will notice some differences. If you are stuck choosing between black and metallic black, we will look into both shades and help you make an informed decision.

black vs metallic black

What is Black Paint?

Even though black is a general term for all the shades it represents, it also refers to solid black. This is the standard black paint that you will find in most cars.

Solid black is the conventional black that cars from all brands are made with. This paint job is considered free because it comes at no extra cost.

The reason why solid black is free is that it is easy to produce and apply. The extras needed are primer and a clear coat that is standard for all paints.

Most cars with black paint jobs on the road contain the standard black. It looks great. Similar to all other dark hues, solid black absorbs heat pretty easily. Black paint jobs are known to scratch easily.

However, solid black is your safest bet in this line of black paints. Scratches and chips on solid black can be repaired easily with touch-up paint. It won’t cost you a lot of money and can be done in the comfort of your home.

This type of paint is easy to match. Later on, should you repair certain parts of your car’s paint job, you don’t have to worry about a mismatch.

Solid black isn’t the fanciest shade out there, but it looks decent. It is easier to maintain and repair. It’s also affordable since it won’t add more money to the overall price of your car.

What is Metallic Black Paint?

It’s very easy to distinguish metallic black paint from solid black because the former has an extra level of shine. Metallic black appears to reflect more light than solid black.

That’s because, before application, aluminum powder is added to the mixture. When it cures, the aluminum reflects light, which gives metallic black its unique feature.

Metallic paint doesn’t come as standard in almost all car brands. You will have to pay extra for metallic black. Depending on your car brand, it can be around $500 to $1500.

Anyway, paying for metallic black is worth every dollar. This paint job is extremely beautiful. Many car owners with solid black invest a lot of resources in waxing and application of ceramic coats so that they can achieve more gloss.

With metallic black, there is no need for all that. The paint job has its glossifier, which is aluminum powder.

This effect makes your black paint job more unique than other vehicles on the road. And as you drive around, you will always see heads turning. People may even ask what product you use on your car’s finish.

With metallic black, you will enjoy the reflection during the day from the sun. Light from other cars and buildings will also be reflected on your vehicle at night.

Metallic black may seem like the perfect paint for your car. But before you rush to buy a car in such a color, you need to know about its drawbacks. Metallic black is tough to maintain.

The reason for that is that dirt shows very easily on metallic black. This means that you will have to wash your car more frequently. Secondly, if it scratches, the marks will be more visible than in solid black.

But scratches can be easily fixed, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Because of the unique reflection that this paint job has, it will be hard for you to find touch-up paint that resembles it.

When you use ordinary black, the paint job will look uneven and weird. So, if you have to correct any dents or scratches on metallic black, brace yourself to run into several challenges with this paint.

How Are They Different?

• Solid black is easier to maintain

Generally, black paint jobs are often harder to maintain because dark hues show dirt more easily. In this case, solid black is much easier to maintain because it doesn’t reflect as much light as metallic black.

You don’t have to wash it three times a week with solid black, as is the case with metallic black.

• Metallic black looks better, and it’s more unique

When it comes to aesthetics, metallic black is the clear winner. Even though there are people who will prefer solid black over metallic black.

The latter has a unique look, and it’s more dramatic than the old-fashioned solid black. If you appreciate aesthetics, you shouldn’t hesitate to choose metallic black.

• Metallic black shows dirt and scratches more

It may look good, but metallic black easily shows scratches and dirt. If you were to compare a scratch on solid black and its counterpart, it would be more visible in metallic black.

If you buy a car with metallic black paint, you should ensure you drive it carefully and avoid scratching it. Because if it’s scratched, it won’t look so good.

• It is easier to touch-up black than metallic black

The reason why it’s next to impossible to touch up black paint is because of the reflection caused by the added aluminum powder. If your metallic black paint job starts to chip, you can’t approach it as you would solid black.

Touch-up paints don’t contain aluminum powder. This means that they don’t reflect light. You will either have to pay more for a professional repair or drive around with a surface that doesn’t resemble one another.

If it were a scratch on solid black that is being touched up, you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

• Metallic black reflects more light

Because of the presence of aluminum powder, metallic black reflects more light. This is the feature that distinguishes it from solid black. This is also the same feature that makes it look better than the standard black.

• Metallic black is more expensive

When you buy a car with a black paint job, it will come in solid black. That is the standard paint job for all vehicles. However, manufacturers, these days understand consumers crave unique finishes.

They introduced metallic black, which comes at a higher price. To get a car with metallic black paint, you have to pay extra. Depending on the make and brand, this could be a couple of hundred dollars or more.

Also, if you are having your car repainted, metallic black will cost more than solid black. This is something you have to be prepared for.

How Are They Similar?

• Both are dark

Whether you go with metallic or solid black, both cars will have a dark paint job. Many car owners prefer darker paint jobs because they have a higher resale value and look good generally. You can get plenty of advantages from both black and metallic black.

• Both absorb heat

No matter what shade of black you choose, you can never escape the heat. Both cars absorb heat, and you must always use the vehicle’s air conditioning system, especially during summer.

Should you decide to buy a solid or metallic black car, you should avoid parking it under the sun for long hours.

• Both appeal to different people

The other similarity between these two is that they appeal to different groups of people. Some people love solid black, and others smile when they see the light reflecting on the metallic black.

What’s Better about Black?

The main advantages of a black paint job are that it’s affordable, easier to maintain, and repair. First, you won’t have to pay extra for a black paint job. It comes as a standard package for all cars.

Secondly, it doesn’t show scratches and dirt as easily as metallic black. When you find scratches on your paint job, you can easily fix them with some touch-up paint.

What’s Better about Metallic Black?

Metallic black looks better than solid black. The reflection provided adds an element of spice and drama to the entire vehicle.

With a metallic black finish, your vehicle will stand out from the rest of the crowd. It’s a unique shade to have on your car.

Who Should Get a Black Paint and Why?

Solid black paint was made for the daily driver. It’s unique in its way. It doesn’t get dirty very easily, compared to metallic black, and is easy to repair.

With such a paint job, you can drive all over, knowing that your paint isn’t super sensitive to the elements.

Who Should Get Metallic Black Paint and Why?

Metallic black is suitable for car enthusiasts who are keen on aesthetics. This paint job looks stunning. It reflects light and has more gloss than solid black. Metallic black is, however, very sensitive.

The car will need to be washed regularly. And you have to be careful not to scratch it because it’s hard to get a match for this paint job.

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