Can 2K Primer Be Used On Bare Metal? (Explained)

2K Primer

2K primer is a high-quality acrylic urethane primer that adheres exceptionally well to recommended substrates. It is well known for its rust-inhibiting properties and ease of sanding. It is pretty durable. If applied correctly, 2K primer can last for years. 2K primer is also considered a filler primer. If you need to fill holes, you can apply … Read more

How To Paint Over Chrome Plastic? (Explained)

how to paint over chrome plastic

Before we can even get started with how to paint over chrome plastic, we must define what chrome plastic is. This is when plastic is placed in a vacuum chamber, and aluminum is vaporized into it using electric filaments. Plastic chrome plating has become a common practice, and if a plastic part of your car … Read more

Can You Paint Over Epoxy Primer? (Explained)

can you paint over epoxy primer

Some car detailers use epoxy primer as a sealer. And it does an outstanding job at sealing the metal beneath from corrosion. If you want a more uniform finish, you may consider painting over it. For those who have never done this before, you may be wondering, is it okay to paint over epoxy primer? … Read more