How Much To Paint A Truck Topper? (Solved)

how much to paint a truck topper

Truck toppers go by many names. They are known as shells, box caps, bed caps, or even canopies. These are small housings fitted on the back of a pickup truck. Initially, truck toppers were used to convert trucks into mini-RVs that would be equipped with beds. With a topper, you can go camping with your … Read more

4 Best Ways To Blackout Chrome Bumpers (Solved)

best ways to blackout chrome bumpers

After a while, it is normal for you to get bored with shiny chrome bumpers. Or, you may have seen some rust on it. Other than the above, there are many reasons why you may want to blackout chrome bumpers. For instance, you may be interested in getting a color that blends with that of … Read more