Can I Use Brake Cleaner To Clean Throttle Body? (Explained)

can I use brake cleaner to clean throttle body

Brake cleaner serves many uses in vehicles. It is mainly used to degrease and clean metallic components in your car. Its ability to cut through gunk and dirt is quite impressive, and no wonder it has got many uses. Brake cleaner, however, shouldn’t be used to clean the throttle body. This is because brake cleaner … Read more

Can You Reuse Exhaust Manifold Gaskets? (Explained)

can you reuse exhaust manifold gaskets

It’s not a good idea to reuse the exhaust manifold gaskets. After several years of use, these gaskets start to leak and should be replaced at any chance you get. The only exception to reusing exhaust manifold gaskets is if they are in excellent condition. This, however, is a rare occurrence. What are Exhaust Manifold … Read more