HondaBond: The Go-To Sealant for Oil Pan Applications


Proper materials can make all the difference in automotive repairs, especially in something as vital as an engine’s oil pan. One standout solution is HondaBond, a high-quality sealant well-regarded for its robust adhesion and sealing capabilities. Perfect for environments exposed to oil, coolant, and high temperatures, HondaBond ensures that your oil pan maintains an impeccable … Read more

Can You Reuse Flywheel Bolts? (Explained)

Flywheel bolts

The flywheel is a mechanical device fitted in cars that utilize angular momentum conservation to store rotational energy. Its primary purpose is to smooth out pulses of energy from the combustion of cylinders. Considering the intensity of forces that the flywheel experiences, it is secured to the crankshaft using a set of flywheel bolts. These … Read more

Can You Vinyl Wrap Engine Cover? (Solved)

engine cover

The main purpose of an engine cover is to protect the engine from debris and dirt. It also reduces the noise produced by the engine. When making engine covers manufacturers are usually not very interested in aesthetics. It’s why these covers look dull. If aesthetics matter to you, a vinyl wrap on the engine can … Read more

Do Valve Covers Need High Temp Paint? (Explained)

valve cover

After driving for several thousand miles, the valve cover on your car may look worn out and stained with grease, oil, and dirt. If you are the kind of car owner who prefers better aesthetics even under the hood, you may consider painting the valve cover to give it a more appealing look. The first … Read more

Can A Bad Coil Cause Knocking? (Explained)

Car mechanic replacing ignition coil on gasoline engine

When you look through the common signs and symptoms of a bad coil, you won’t see knocking on the list. The same also applies when you read through the causes of engine knocking. However, even though a bad coil isn’t listed as one of the causes of engine knocking, that doesn’t mean it can’t be … Read more

4 Duramax Transfer Case Problems (Explained)

Duramax transfer case problems

Duramax is one of the most powerful engines in the auto industry. Introduced by Isuzu and General Motors, a Duramax engine combines the power of a V12 and a V16. These engines are versatile, reliable, and have a lengthy lifespan. Similar to all engines, the Duramax isn’t perfect. There have been several complaints made, especially … Read more

Can Jiffy Lube Change Mercedes Oil? (Solved)

can Jiffy Lube change Mercedes oil

Changing your car’s engine oil is critical if you want it to run smoothly and perform better. Jiffy Lube is a company that offers vehicle maintenance services such as oil changes and tire rotation. They have shops all over the country, and their rates are quite affordable. If you own a Mercedes, you have a … Read more