Can You Reuse Flywheel Bolts? (Explained)

Flywheel bolts

The flywheel is a mechanical device fitted in cars that utilize angular momentum conservation to store rotational energy. Its primary purpose is to smooth out pulses of energy from the combustion of cylinders. Considering the intensity of forces that the flywheel experiences, it is secured to the crankshaft using a set of flywheel bolts. These … Read more

Can A Bad Coil Cause Knocking? (Explained)

Car mechanic replacing ignition coil on gasoline engine

When you look through the common signs and symptoms of a bad coil, you won’t see knocking on the list. The same also applies when you read through the causes of engine knocking. However, even though a bad coil isn’t listed as one of the causes of engine knocking, that doesn’t mean it can’t be … Read more

6 Tacoma Leveling Kit Problems (Explained)

Tacoma leveling kit problems

A leveling kit is one of the easiest and simplest modifications that can help you lift your Toyota Tacoma. By installing a leveling kit, you can conquer the off-roads without worrying about damaging the components on the undercarriage. Additionally, leveling kits can give your vehicle a mean-looking stance whenever you leave it in the parking … Read more

Can You Reuse Exhaust Manifold Gaskets? (Explained)

can you reuse exhaust manifold gaskets

It’s not a good idea to reuse the exhaust manifold gaskets. After several years of use, these gaskets start to leak and should be replaced at any chance you get. The only exception to reusing exhaust manifold gaskets is if they are in excellent condition. This, however, is a rare occurrence. What are Exhaust Manifold … Read more

How Much Does True Dual Exhaust Cost? (Solved)

how much does true dual exhaust cost

True dual exhausts are priced from $500 to $1300. The cost depends on the thickness of the steel as well as the overall quality of the muffler and other components. If your car has the stock exhaust and you want to replace it with the dual, that is the expected budget you will spend on … Read more

Will 17-Inch Rims Fit Toyota Corolla? (Solved)

will 17 inch rims fit Toyota Corolla

Most Toyota Corolla’s come with 15-inch wheels. The majority of these cars stick to the same wheel size until the vehicle gets old. But some car owners love bigger wheels and, in this case, they may decide to go two inches bigger. If you are one of these car owners who are fascinated by bigger … Read more

6 Common Nissan Altima Driver Seat Problems (Explained)

nissan altima driver seat problems

The Nissan Altima is a reliable car. It offers efficiency in gas mileage and has ample cargo space. These factors make it one of the most popular sedans in the market. As we all know, no car is perfect. Different cars have been associated with certain issues in the past. For the Altima, a common … Read more

What Is The Best Material For Car Door Panels? (Explained)

best material for car door panels

Door panels, also known as door cards are the inserts of a vehicle that are used to cover the internal components of the door. Door panels are usually designed by auto manufacturers to blend with the interior décor and design. Therefore, if you have leather, vinyl, or plastic on the surface of your dashboard that … Read more