Can You Use Tire Shine On Plastic Trim? (Explained)

tire shine on plastic trim

Car owners are required to have different protectants for the dashboard, upholstery, plastic trims, tires, and even the paint job. Sometimes, you may discover that you have run out of one of these protectants. For example, you may not have a protectant for the plastic trim, and you have just finished washing your car. In … Read more

Will 17-Inch Rims Fit Toyota Corolla? (Solved)

will 17 inch rims fit Toyota Corolla

Most Toyota Corolla’s come with 15-inch wheels. The majority of these cars stick to the same wheel size until the vehicle gets old. But some car owners love bigger wheels and, in this case, they may decide to go two inches bigger. If you are one of these car owners who are fascinated by bigger … Read more

Can Warped Rotors Cause Vibrations When Not Braking? (Explained)

can warped rotors cause vibration when not braking

Brake rotors play a crucial role in a car’s braking system. They spin with the wheels and stop them when the brake clamps are pressed down on them. During this process, brake rotors are exposed to a lot of heat which can lead to warping. Warping of brake rotors is when the top part of … Read more

Husky Vs. Weathertech Mud Flaps (Compared)

Husky vs WeatherTech mud flaps

Are you tired of getting insults from tailgaters because your tires are always sending debris flying to the cars behind you? Do you always get annoyed when you find heaps of mud piled up in your undercarriage? These are all valid reasons why you should install mud flaps on your car. Other than enhancing aesthetics … Read more

How To Clean White Letter Tires? (Helpful Tips)

how to clean white letter tires

White letter tires have been there for as long as we can remember. Some car owners find them attractive and others don’t. Irrespective of what you think of white letter tires, one thing we can all agree on is that keeping the white letters clean isn’t easy. It’s even harder to do so if you … Read more

Chemical Guys VRP Vs. Silk Shine (Compared)

chemical guys vrp vs silk shine

Rubber fades with time. And no matter how much you clean your tires, they will always lose their dark appearance. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy fix for faded tires. As a car owner, you have come across plenty of products that can enhance the aesthetics of both your car’s interior and exterior. Well, … Read more

Does 303 Make Tires Last Longer? (Explained)

does 303 make tires last longer

It’s very common to find the 303 tire balm and protectant in detailing shops and car garages. Both car owners and professional detailers love how the sling-free formula leaves a lasting shine on your tires. Other than improving aesthetics, the manufacturers of the 303 tire balm claim that it can also make tires last longer. … Read more