Why Do My Brake Pads Rattle When Going Over Bumps? (Explained)

brake pads rattle over bumps

If your brake pads are rattling when you go over a bump, then something is wrong. The braking system is designed to work quietly and efficiently. You shouldn’t hear any squeak or rattle when you initiate the breaks. The only time you may hear a screeching sound is when you apply emergency brakes. And the … Read more

What Color to Paint Calipers on Blue Car? (Solved)

Blue SUV car

When it comes to caliper paint color, it’s all a matter of preference. We all have different tastes, and a color that may look pleasant to you may not have the same effect on another person. Be as it may, certain caliper paint colors blend better with a blue car. If you own a blue … Read more

Can Warped Rotors Cause Vibrations When Not Braking? (Explained)

can warped rotors cause vibration when not braking

Brake rotors play a crucial role in a car’s braking system. They spin with the wheels and stop them when the brake clamps are pressed down on them. During this process, brake rotors are exposed to a lot of heat which can lead to warping. Warping of brake rotors is when the top part of … Read more

How To Clean Painted Brake Calipers? (Explained)

how to clean painted brake calipers

Even when painted, brake calipers are vulnerable to getting dirty from time to time. If you have painted your brake calipers, that is a clear indication that aesthetics matters to you. Therefore, if you want your painted brake calipers to look neat, you must clean them regularly. So, how do you clean painted brake calipers? … Read more

5 Common MGP Caliper Covers Problems (Explained)

MGP caliper covers problems

When they first came out, most people thought that brake caliper covers were just a fad. However, years later, this trend is still popular amongst car owners. Brake caliper covers are an inexpensive and simple way for you to upgrade the look of your car, more so the brake calipers. After some time, your brake … Read more

How To Keep Brake Drums From Rusting? (Helpful Tips)

how to keep brake drums from rusting

Any part of your car made of metal, brake drums included, will rust when exposed to water and oxygen. The risk is even higher when you drive on road salt. The latter is often a catalyst for rust and corrosion. Due to their location, brake drums come into close contact with all the above recipes … Read more

Will Toyota 5 Lug Wheels Fit Chevy? (Explained)

will Toyota 5 lug wheels fit Chevy

A Toyota 5-lug wheel may or may not fit a Chevy depending on a couple of factors. The most common factor is the bolt pattern, and other aspects determine whether a Toyota 5-lug wheel will fit a Chevy. When it comes to fitting a set of wheels from another car brand, there is often a … Read more