Can You Use Windex On Chrome? (Explained)

can you use Windex on chrome

Windex is undeniably one of the most popular cleaners today. If you walk into any home, the chances of finding some Windex lying around are significantly high. The reason behind its popularity is how effective it is at cleaning glass and other hard surfaces. For car owners who have a set of chrome wheels, you … Read more

Can You Ceramic Coat Polished Aluminum Wheels? (Explained)

can you ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels

Polished aluminum wheels look amazing. But they stain easily. If you own a set of bare aluminum wheels, you can testify how tiring it is for you to polish them every time. A ceramic coat can seal the aluminum by creating a surface barrier. When you ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels, your wheels will retain … Read more

How To Clean Painted Brake Calipers? (Explained)

how to clean painted brake calipers

Even when painted, brake calipers are vulnerable to getting dirty from time to time. If you have painted your brake calipers, that is a clear indication that aesthetics matters to you. Therefore, if you want your painted brake calipers to look neat, you must clean them regularly. So, how do you clean painted brake calipers? … Read more

How To Clean White Letter Tires? (Helpful Tips)

how to clean white letter tires

White letter tires have been there for as long as we can remember. Some car owners find them attractive and others don’t. Irrespective of what you think of white letter tires, one thing we can all agree on is that keeping the white letters clean isn’t easy. It’s even harder to do so if you … Read more

How To Clean Chromtec Wheels? (Helpful Tips)

how to clean chromtec wheels

Is it your first time owning a car with Chromtec wheels? Are you wondering how you are going to clean them? To kick things off, Chromtec wheels are a new sight to most drivers. They are designed to look like ordinary chrome-plated wheels but they are better. They last longer, have various style options, and … Read more

Iron X Vs. Sonax (Compared)

iron x vs sonax

From a general point of view, Iron X and Sonax may appear to be the same. They both turn red, share common ingredients, and react with iron. However, there is a big difference between these two cleaners. If you were shopping for a cleaner for either your wheels or car paint, you may have come … Read more