Can You Ceramic Coat Chrome? (Explained)

can you ceramic coat chrome

In your search to find the best ways to protect the chrome from deteriorating, have you come across ceramic coating? Some of the common ways of protecting chrome include waxing and polishing. On the other hand, ceramic coating is also an excellent method of protecting the paint. Using this information, it is understandable why you … Read more

Can Exhaust Headers Be Powder Coated? (Explained)

can exhaust headers be powder coated

There are many types of modifications you can do to your car. Unlike most modifications, coating an exhaust offers more than cosmetic value. It also improves your vehicle’s performance. Exhaust headers are often exposed to constant thermal stress that may affect the vehicle’s performance. The coating ensures you get maximum horsepower gains and the parts … Read more

Iron X Vs. Sonax (Compared)

iron x vs sonax

From a general point of view, Iron X and Sonax may appear to be the same. They both turn red, share common ingredients and react with iron. However, there is a big difference between these two cleaners. If you were shopping for a cleaner for either your wheels or car paint, you may have come … Read more

Are Chemical Guys Products Any Good? Facts And Opinions

is chemical guys good

Whether you have been driving for 6 months or 6 years, you have probably heard about chemical guys. They are amongst the most popular car detailing product manufacturers in the world with their commodities being available in nearly all auto shops. For a brand that is so popular, Chemical Guys have in the past received … Read more