Can You Ceramic Coat Polished Aluminum Wheels? (Explained)

Polished aluminum wheels look amazing. But they stain easily. If you own a set of bare aluminum wheels, you can testify how tiring it is for you to polish them every time.

A ceramic coat can seal the aluminum by creating a surface barrier. When you ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels, your wheels will retain that shiny look for longer. The ceramic coat will prevent grime, dirt, and brake dust from staining the wheels.

Can I ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels? Absolutely! You can ceramic coat your polished aluminum wheels. There are two ways you can approach this.

First, you can buy a ceramic coating kit and apply it to the wheels. Alternatively, you can take your car to an auto body shop for professional ceramic coating.

When you ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels, you won’t have to clean the wheels after every drive. The ceramic coat gives you peace of mind knowing that your aluminum wheels will retain that decent polish.

And whenever you get the time, you can clean the surface of the wheels, and the stains should come off easily.

can you ceramic coat polished aluminum wheels

How Much Does It Cost to Ceramic Coat Polished Aluminum Wheels?

Ceramic coating polished aluminum wheels has its perks. It ensures the wheels look decent by protecting them against stains.

However, the biggest drawback is the cost. Comparing ceramic coating to other methods of retaining the finish of polished aluminum wheels like waxing is more expensive.

A ceramic coating kit for your wheels can cost anywhere from $30 to $200.

Considering that ceramic coat doesn’t usually last very long on wheels because of the harsh conditions wheels go through, you will buy that kit repeatedly. In the long run, you will have spent a lot of money.

Having a professional ceramic coat on your wheels is even more expensive. This is because the average cost of ceramic coating polished aluminum wheels is around $300.

So, if you prefer to have your wheels ceramic coated, we recommend the DIY method involving buying a kit. That will be slightly affordable. But if you want a flawless finish, you better delegate this task to an expert.

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating Polished Aluminum Wheels?

The key takeaways from ceramic coating polished aluminum wheels are appearance and shine. Polishing aluminum wheels is a nightmare for those who own them.

A ceramic coat prevents the wheels from staining while making it easier for you to clean the dust off them.

Most people think that ceramic coating is a substitute for cleaning wheels. But that isn’t true. What a ceramic coat does is restore the shine of the wheels.

And it reduces the amount of effort needed to clean aluminum wheels. With this protective coating, your wheels won’t get dirty easily.

Even though some stains occasionally may develop, the ceramic coat will have created a barrier to shield the stains from direct contact with the wheels.

Ceramic coating polished aluminum wheels is an investment that will provide you with many benefits.

What Happens When You Apply Ceramic Coat on Polished Aluminum Wheels?

After application, the ceramic coat creates a hydrophobic layer on the surface of the wheels. This layer makes it harder for stains to stick to the wheels.

It also makes it easier to clean the wheels and protects the polished aluminum from UV damage, brake dust, debris, and chemical etching.

Is There a Problem with Ceramic Coating Polished Aluminum?

Contrary to what you may have heard in the past, there is nothing wrong with ceramic coating polished aluminum.

People have been doing this for a while now, and as long as it’s done right, a ceramic coat can be of immense value to the wheels.

Polishing aluminum wheels is a tedious job that most people prefer to avoid.

One of the best ways to do that is by ceramic coating the wheels. When you do that, it creates a barrier that keeps stains and other things that can stain the polished wheels.

On highly polished wheels, the ceramic coating will ensure the wheels stay that way.

Wax vs. Ceramic Coat

Many car owners who have polished aluminum wheels use wax to retain that shiny finish. Wax is an excellent sealant. It is cheap and easy to apply, and wax does a good job of keeping stains away from the wheels.

Compared to ceramic coats, the latter does a much better job than wax in retaining the polished finish of your wheels. Ceramic coat bonds on a deeper level than wax, which sits on the surface.

Because of that, a ceramic coat lasts much longer and offers more protection from the elements that are a threat to your polished wheels.

Clear-Coat vs. Ceramic Coat

Another excellent alternative to a ceramic coat is applying a clear coat layer. This is something you should also consider if you have polished aluminum wheels.

Clear coat does the same job it does on paint. It enhances gloss while protecting the finish beneath from the elements.

The biggest difference between a clear coat and a ceramic coat is the latter is more durable. The wheels are often exposed to terrible conditions.

The clear coat would only last for months before it gets scratched and wears out. On the other hand, a ceramic coat can hold on for a little bit longer.

How Long Does Ceramic Coat Last on Polished Aluminum Wheels?

The lifespan of the ceramic coat on your wheels depends on several factors. One, how well the coat has been applied. A professional ceramic coat can last for two to three years on your wheels.

That is an incredibly long period. If you do it yourself and use the kits sold by various brands, the ceramic coat can remain intact for about a year.

The other thing that determines how long ceramic coat lasts on polished aluminum wheels is the conditions the car is mostly driven.

Do you love hitting the off-roads, or are you more into driving around town? Folks under the last category can get a longer lifespan on ceramic coats than off-road adventurers.

In towns, the tires aren’t exposed to harsh conditions. What you have to worry about is the sun. But off-road drivers are most likely to get their tires stuck in the mud, scratched by branches and debris.

You should check with the manufacturer on the estimated lifespan of the ceramic coat.

How Long Will It Take to Ceramic Coat Polished Aluminum?

If the aluminum wheels are already polished, it will take a shorter duration. This is because the polishing part can be quite time-consuming.

Because wheels have a smaller surface area than the entire car, it should take you three to four hours for you to get the job done.

Remember, a ceramic coat done on the wheels only lasts long if it’s one well. So follow the instructions carefully.

Please let the wheels sit for around a day or two so that the ceramic coat can cure without the presence of impurities. After they have been ceramic coated, store the wheels in the garage, away from the elements.

How to Ceramic Coat Aluminum Wheels?

For those who have made up their minds to ceramic coat wheels, here is a guide on how to go about it.

1st step – Preparation

Cleaning the wheels is the first step when ceramic coating them. To get more access to the wheels, remove them from the car.

This will give you plenty of room. If you have never cleaned the wheels, you need to be very aggressive. Please note that some cleaners can corrode the aluminum. So, stick to regular wheel shampoo and water.

2nd step – Polishing and Paint Correction

Unless the aluminum wheels are new, you will need to correct any curb rash or scratches. The other thing is that if the wheels have already been polished, you can skip this step.

But if they haven’t been polished, look for a polishing machine or attach a polishing attachment to a cordless drill. For bare aluminum, you will need an aggressive polishing compound. That should get the job done much faster.

3rd step – Apply the ceramic coat

Once the wheel surfaces are polished, apply your favorite ceramic coat. Most DIY kits contain liquid ceramic coats. These are easier to apply.

When shopping for ceramic coats, a pro tip is to go for thinner and slippery ceramic coats. They are easier to apply than their thick counterparts.

Also, a ceramic coat for wheels needs to withstand the harshest environments. Keep that in mind when shopping.

Once you get the best ceramic coat, it is time to start applying it. Divide the wheel into sections. This is the best way to avoid inconsistent thickness.

Be very keen on the application because it’s very easy for you to get a bad finish. Don’t forget to give the ceramic coat enough time to cure. In case you have brake calipers, you should also ceramic coat them.

By following the above guide, your wheels will now be ceramic coated. Feel free to clean them frequently. But only use a soft brush and regular wheel shampoo.

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