Will A Queen Mattress Fit In A Honda Odyssey? (Explained)

The Honda Odyssey is one of the best minivans in the auto market. It is powerful, economical, and big enough to accommodate large families. It also has decent cargo space.

If you own a Honda Odyssey and intend to use it to carry a queen mattress, you need to know whether it can actually fit. A Honda Odyssey has an exterior length of 205.2 inches and a width of 78.5 inches.

On the other hand, a queen mattress stretches 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. If you compare these figures, you may think that a queen bed can easily fit in a Honda Odyssey.

But do not forget that in your minivan, there are seats and other things that can prevent the mattress from fitting easily.

There are many reasons why you may be interested in carrying a queen bed in your Odyssey. One, you could be buying a queen bed and don’t want to pay for delivery costs.

Secondly, you may be returning an old mattress or discarding it. Finally, you may be moving home and have decided to use your minivan to carry your belongings.

Irrespective of your reasons, you may want to carry a queen mattress in a Honda Odyssey. It’s essential to know that it won’t fit without a fight.

In your Honda Odyssey, a queen mattress is slightly big. Therefore, it will not fit snugly. You have to force it in, probably fold the rear and second-row seats.

The mattress may end up being carried in a slanted position. The only way a queen bed can fit easily on your Honda Odyssey is if you fold it in half.

A folded mattress, no matter how big it is, should fit in your Honda Odyssey. The problem with folding a mattress, especially if it’s new, is that you can affect its structure and frame.

will a queen mattress fit in a Honda Odyssey
Tokumeigakarinoaoshima, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

How to Fit a Queen Mattress in a Honda Odyssey?

As mentioned in the beginning, a queen bed won’t fit in a Honda Odyssey without putting up a fight. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t fit a queen bed in there. Below we will share some tips that will help you fit it inside there.

1. Fold the rear and second-row seats

The Odyssey is a minivan dedicated mainly to carrying people than cargo. This is why it has extra third-row seats.

If you want the bed to fit, you will have to fold the second and third-row seats. The mattress should lay slanted from the back to the front.

2. Fold the mattress in half

This tip applies to old and worn-out mattresses. Do not fold a new bed in two. If you are getting rid of an old mattress or taking it to be exchanged with a new one, don’t hesitate to fold it in half. When you do that on a new bed, you will be compromising its structure.

3. Tie the mattress to the roof of the Odyssey

It’s not unusual for you to see a mattress carried on the top of a car. If your Odyssey can’t accommodate a queen bed, there is no need to try so hard.

Get some ropes and tie the mattress on your roof. Ensure that you secure the ropes tightly to prevent the bed from falling as you drive.

Wind can create a lot of resistance on the mattress when tied to the roof, so drive slowly and make sure you frequently stop to check its condition. For the rope to hold, open the doors when tying it and close them when you are done.

4. Do not be afraid to slant it at an angle

Getting a queen bed to lay flat on your Honda Odyssey is going to be hard. But you can always place it in a slanting position.

The mattress can be slightly raised in the front section, and it can slant down towards the back. There is enough headroom in an Odyssey that can accommodate some slanting.

Will a Queen Size Bed Fit Other Minivans?

Before you start trash talking about Honda Odysseys and their tiny spaces, you should know queen beds won’t fit in most minivans. Undoubtedly, minivans are one of the most spacious vehicles on our roads.

The problem with most modern minivans, the Honda Odyssey included, is that they contain second and third-row seats. These seats eat up a lot of space that would have been used to carry queen mattresses and other types of cargo.

The only type of minivan that can easily accommodate a queen bed is the one that has no trim or seats in the back. If you had such a van, you can even permanently install a mattress there and turn your minivan into an RV.

Are All Queen Mattresses Hard to Fit in an Odyssey?

There is one mattress factor you have to note when fitting beds in a minivan, and that is the material. Some queen mattresses are easier to fit in a minivan than others. Let’s take foam mattresses, for example.

You can squeeze such beds into an Odyssey, and they should slide in pretty smoothly. The same can’t be said for innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

These have a more robust structure that can’t be squeezed, lest you risk damaging the inner components.

Another factor that most people aren’t aware of is that queen sizes differ from one country to another.

We have been using the common queen size standard, which is 60″ x 80″. This applies to mattresses made in Canada, Australia, and the US.

Mattresses made in the UK, the queen size measures 47″ x 80″. In Japan, queen-sized beds measure 61″ x 77″ and China 72″ x 74″. These sizes are a bit smaller and can, therefore, fit more easily in a Honda Odyssey.

However, when you look at the Brazilian queen size mattress, which measures 62″ x 78″, fitting such in a Honda Odyssey will be challenging.

Why Is It Hard to Fit a Queen Mattress in a Honda Odyssey?

Several things make it difficult for you to fit a queen bed in a Honda Odyssey. They include;

  • The seats are the leading cause of why a queen bed can’t fit in a Honda Odyssey. Seats take up a considerable amount of cabin space. If the Odyssey didn’t have any seats in it, you wouldn’t struggle so hard in fitting a queen bed.


  • The Trim refers to the lining decorations, headliner, and other things that take up some cabin space. These things are usually not present in a compact van that lacks passenger seats.

The problem with these two is that there is no way you can get around them. If the seats are blocking you from fitting a queen bed, then there isn’t much you can do other than roll them down.

What are the Best alternatives to Fitting a Mattress in a Honda Odyssey?

If every technique fails, there is no need to force a bed in a Honda Odyssey. Below are some alternatives worth exploring.

1. Buy mattresses that offer delivery services

If the reason why you are researching how to fit a queen bed in an Odyssey is that you are wondering how you will carry your new mattress home. Then it would be best if you considered bed brands that offer white glove delivery.

Let’s take Saatva mattresses, for example. These beds feature a service known as white glove delivery.

This is whereby the company’s representatives deliver the bed, they install it in your bedroom, and with your consent, they can take the old mattress with them for discarding.

2. Organize mattress delivery by yourself

Not all brands offer premium delivery services. In such cases, you can avoid the hassle of trying to fit a queen bed in your Odyssey.

Instead, you can organize for personal delivery. This is whereby you arrange with a delivery company and have them transport the mattress to wherever you want it.

3. Carry it on the roof of your Odyssey

People may not understand why a mattress is being placed on the top of a minivan because such cars often have tons of space.

But, if you, as the owner, have tried everything in your power and it has failed. Bring the ropes and tie the mattress on the roof.

4. Borrow a truck from a friend

Queen beds can fit easily in the back of a truck. Even if it may require some fastening, it won’t be as hard to fit as is the case with an Odyssey.

Inquire from a neighbor, colleague at work, or friend if they can lend you their truck to run a quick errand. When borrowing a car, it’s always good to be courteous. You can fill up their gas tank as a token of appreciation.

Will Other Mattress Sizes Fit in My Honda Odyssey?

In your Odyssey, you will only have trouble fitting mattresses from Full XL, Queen, Olympic Queen to California King.

But, Full, Twin XL, Twin, and Cot mattresses should fit easily in your Odyssey. The bigger the mattress, the more challenging it will be to fit in your minivan and vice versa.