Iron X Vs. Sonax (Compared)

From a general point of view, Iron X and Sonax may appear to be the same. They both turn red, share common ingredients, and react with iron.

However, there is a big difference between these two cleaners. If you were shopping for a cleaner for either your wheels or car paint, you may have come across either of these two.

If you are stuck choosing between either of the products, below is a detailed comparison of Iron X vs. Sonax.

iron x vs sonax

What is Iron X?

You may have not heard of Iron X, but am sure you are very familiar with the detailing company known as CarPro.

Out of the many products manufactured by CarPro, Iron X is amongst the most popular fallout removers on the market.

For those who are not familiar with what a fallout remover is, here is a brief explanation. This is a detailing product that can remove iron oxide from paint and alloy wheels.

This particular feature makes Iron X a highly desirable product because it can be used on two different car surfaces.

Over the years, your car gets exposed to iron particles. They can come from brake dust, airborne particles, and even from railroad trucks.

Irrespective of where your car picks up iron oxide particles, you need to decontaminate iron from your vehicle’s surfaces.

Rust spots look bad whether they are both on wheels or the car paint. And with such on your car paint, whenever you wash it, there will be swirl marks left behind always.

If fallout isn’t dealt with immediately, iron can lead to paint corrosion. This will force you to part with lots of money in getting a new paint job.

And as if that’s not enough, fallout makes it impossible for waxes and sealants to bond well with your paint.

In summary, there are many disadvantages of letting fallout or iron oxide sit on your vehicle for too long and that’s where products like Iron X come in handy.

Iron X is one of the best paint and wheel decontamination products. Unlike detailing clay that removes contaminants on car surfaces, Iron X goes the extra mile to remove contaminants that have bonded to the paint.

It’s a transparent liquid that turns red or purple once it starts decontaminating your car.

When the Iron X turns red, that is a sign that it has turned the iron on car paint into a water-soluble state so that it can be washed off easily.

Once the Iron X settles on the car paint or alloy wheels, rinse it off with water to remove any contaminants.

What is Sonax?

Another excellent fallout remover on the market is Sonax. For years, Sonax has been the go-to choice fallout remover for many car owners because of its effectiveness and ease of use.

Sonax, in most cases, is usually used on brand-new cars that may have accumulated rail dust during transportation or because of sitting for a long.

Other than being a very effective decontaminant, this fallout remover is very affordable. It is equally widely available in common e-commerce sites and auto shops.

Sonax penetrates deeper into the car paint and enters every pore or opening clearing out any foreign element on your car surface.

To prove to you how effective Sonax is, try claying your car after treating it, chances are you won’t pick up a single rust particle.

When using Sonax to remove fallout from your car, the manufacturer advises that the vehicle be washed thoroughly to remove dirt.

The cleaner a car is, the easier it is for the cleaner to penetrate the paint and remove contaminants that may have bonded to it.

To get the most out of Sonax, we highly recommend that you spray it in an enclosed environment such as your garage. After washing the vehicle, you need to let the car dry. Then spray every inch of your car.

Don’t just look for big rust spots because if your car has been exposed to a lot of iron oxide, there may be tiny spots that aren’t visible to the naked eye. If ignored, these spots may grow and corrode a significant amount of your car surface.

The Sonax spray begins working after five minutes. Immediately, you will start to see the spray turning purple. Don’t rinse it off right away.

Just spray some water and let the water and Sonax solution sit on the car for another five minutes. Rinse and wash the car after. Not only will you have gotten rid of the fallout but your car will look slicker.

How Are They Different?

When it comes to removing iron, Iron X is more effective. Sonax on the other hand can be used to get rid of dirt and grime on the wheels, as well as brake dust.

  Iron X can’t be used as a wheel cleaner, as is the case with Sonax. Should you decide to use Iron X, clean the wheels, let them dry, and then apply Iron X.

  Regarding cost and size, Iron X is bigger and costs a couple of dollars more than Sonax.

  Iron X though effective has a very unpleasant smell. It smells like Sulphur, this is despite the manufacturers adding a cherry flavor to it. On the other hand, Sonax has a pleasant citrus smell.

On most forums, many people have posted their disgust with the Iron X smell, with some people claiming this is the most unpleasant-smelling detailing product.

  When you look at the bottle design, Iron X has a very generic look. Sonax has invested heavily in the design of its bottle. Also, Sonax has a sprayer with a high capacity. As a result, it tends to waste a lot of product as compared to Iron X.

  Iron X comprises a watery liquid whereas Sonax is a gooey gel.

How Are They Similar?


  Can be used on paint and wheels. Sonax has a strong formula that can loosen dirt build-up on wheels and paint without damaging clear coats or corroding wheel bolts.

Iron X can also be used to remove contaminants on these surfaces because it is gentle on aluminum, chrome, alloy, and ceramic coats.

  Have an acid-free and pH-balanced formula. This makes it safe for use on car surfaces as it is very gentle.

  Can be used alternatively.

  Fall under the same price range.

What’s Better About Iron X?

One of the key features of Iron X that makes it stand out from its competitors is that it is safe to use on ceramic coats, clear coats, and alloys found on wheels. It is a two-in-one fallout remover that deals with both wheels and car paint.

The formula used in Iron X smells terrible and even though this may not make it ideal for some car owners, please note that the strong smell is an indication of a strong formula.

Iron X has a very positive reputation amongst buyers. Feel free to go through various forums and you will see how much people love Iron X.

The reason behind this product’s popularity is its effectiveness. Professional detailers can also benefit from using its Iron-X snow foam that acts as clay.

Iron X soap is a great maintenance product that can help you decontaminate your car’s surfaces regularly.

What’s Better About Sonax?

Sonax is an ideal decontaminant to add to your set of cleaning and detailing products if you want to take care of your vehicle and maintain its new look for longer.

With a product such as Sonax, you don’t need to clay your car now and then. Sonax decontaminates everything that your car may come into contact with.

Unlike Iron X, Sonax smells good and is very effective at cleaning your car. Some car owners go the extra mile by even using it to clean the wheels.

Because most wheels have a coat similar to that of paint, using Sonax can help you get impressive results.

Who Should Get Iron X and Why?

Iron X is perfect for car detailers. Most car owners are often triggered by little things such as unattractive packaging or even the smell of the product.

Iron X does not have a pleasant smell. It is effective but its smell is nauseating. In the eyes of detailers, something such as the smell doesn’t matter. What matters most is the effectiveness of the product.

If you value results more, this is the fallout remover you should go for. Don’t forget, Iron X can be used on both the wheels and car paint. It is very gentle on surfaces and won’t eat through chrome or car paint.

Who Should Get Sonax and Why?

Sonax was created for DIY car detailers. It’s strong, effective, and does exactly what it promises. Many car owners love the pleasant taste associated with this decontaminant. It’s worth mentioning that it is very easy to use.

And even if you have never used a fallout remover all your life, the guidelines provided in the packaging of Sonax will equip you with all you need to know. If you don’t have a wheel cleaner, you can also use Sonax.

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