How To Clean Painted Brake Calipers? (Explained)

how to clean painted brake calipers

Even when painted, brake calipers are vulnerable to getting dirty from time to time. If you have painted your brake calipers, that is a clear indication that aesthetics matters to you. Therefore, if you want your painted brake calipers to look neat, you must clean them regularly. So, how do you clean painted brake calipers? … Read more

How To Fix Dog Scratches On Car Door? (Solved)

how to fix dog scratches on car door

Car scratches are inevitable if you have a pet dog. Despite being our best friends, dogs can cause significant damage to a car’s finish. These playful, adorable animals are blessed with a set of sharp toenails that, if they make contact with your car door, can leave deep scratches behind. There are many reasons why … Read more

Can You Use Pledge On Car Interior? (Explained)

can you use pledge on car interior

Pledge is considered safe to use on wood paneling, glass, and vinyl. These three are the materials that make up the interiors of most cars. This, therefore, means, that yes you can use Pledge on the car interior. Ever since it was first sold in 1958 by S.C Johnson & Son, car detailers and owners … Read more

How To Remove Water Stain From Car Headliner? (Explained)

how to remove water stain from car headliner

Let alone cleaning it, when was the last time you even looked at your car’s headliner? Though often overlooked, car headliners play an essential role in our vehicles. Not only do they make the interiors more beautiful, they protect the roof of your car. And a stained headliner can significantly lower the resale value of … Read more

Chemical Guys VRP Vs. Silk Shine (Compared)

chemical guys vrp vs silk shine

Rubber fades with time. And no matter how much you clean your tires, they will always lose their dark appearance. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy fix for faded tires. As a car owner, obviously you have come across plenty of products that can enhance the aesthetics of both your car’s interior and exterior. … Read more

Are Chemical Guys Products Any Good? Facts And Opinions

is chemical guys good

Whether you have been driving for 6 months or 6 years, you have probably heard about chemical guys. They are amongst the most popular car detailing product manufacturers in the world with their commodities being available in nearly all auto shops. For a brand that is so popular, Chemical Guys have in the past received … Read more

How To Clean Power Steering Fluid Off Engine? Helpful Tips And Advice

how to clean power steering fluid off engine

There are two ways power steering fluid can find its way on or into your engine. You could either spill some on the engine when replacing the fluid in the power fluid steering reservoir. Or, if the hose transmitting the power fluid steering has a leakage, it may drench the engine with this fluid. Irrespective … Read more

Will Vinegar Damage Car Paint? Useful Tips And Advice

will vinegar damage car paint

Vinegar has plenty of uses in our daily lives. This ranges from being used in laundry, cleaning, food, baking, and also on the skin. Recently, vinegar has become a popular ingredient amongst car enthusiasts. Most car owners use it to clean both the interior and exterior, remove water spots on car surfaces, and disinfect vehicles … Read more

Meguiar’s Vs. Chemical Guys: Helpful Comparison Guide

meguiars vs chemical guys

When it’s time to detail your car, you are better off sourcing car care products from reputable companies such as Meguiar’s and Chemical Guys. These two car care product manufacturers have been in this industry for a while and they formulate some of the best products that will ensure your car looks fantastic. The problem … Read more