Can You Use Anti-Seize On Wheel Hub? (Explained)

Wheel hub

Anti-seize is a product that prevents mechanical seizing and galling of bolts and nuts. In the auto industry, anti-seize has many uses. For instance, it is used as a lubricant for certain parts. If you ask around, some car owners claim that anti-seize can also be used on the wheel hub. If you are contemplating … Read more

Can You Reuse Flywheel Bolts? (Explained)

Flywheel bolts

The flywheel is a mechanical device fitted in cars that utilize angular momentum conservation to store rotational energy. Its primary purpose is to smooth out pulses of energy from the combustion of cylinders. Considering the intensity of forces that the flywheel experiences, it is secured to the crankshaft using a set of flywheel bolts. These … Read more

Can You Use White Lithium Grease On Leaf Springs? (Explained)

Leaf spring of car truck,Extra thick

Leaf springs play an essential role in your car’s suspension system. Therefore, they should be maintained regularly so that they can function optimally. One way you can maintain leaf springs is through lubrication. Lubricating a leaf spring minimizes the friction that can lead to wear. Also, lubrication prevents the squeaking of leaf springs. Many lubricants … Read more

Why Do My Brake Pads Rattle When Going Over Bumps? (Explained)

brake pads rattle over bumps

If your brake pads are rattling when you go over a bump, then something is wrong. The braking system is designed to work quietly and efficiently. You shouldn’t hear any squeak or rattle when you initiate the breaks. The only time you may hear a screeching sound is when you apply emergency brakes. And the … Read more

Can You Braze Exhaust Pipe? (Explained)

exhaust pipe brazing

Whether you are restoring an exhaust pipe or repairing it, there are several methods you can explore. One of the most common is brazing. There are a lot of mixed opinions about brazing exhaust pipes. Some prefer welding, claiming that it’s much better. However, others believe brazing is the best option when joining two exhaust … Read more

Can You Use Fiberglass on ABS Plastic? (Explained)

can you use fiberglass on ABS plastic

Fiberglass has got plenty of uses. Most of us are accustomed to using fiberglass in home insulation. But it can also be used to fix cracked or broken ABS plastic components. Due to its impressive structural strength, fiberglass is highly preferred for such repairs and restorations. However, for those of you who have dealt with … Read more

Can A Bad Coil Cause Knocking? (Explained)

Car mechanic replacing ignition coil on gasoline engine

When you look through the common signs and symptoms of a bad coil, you won’t see knocking on the list. The same also applies when you read through the causes of engine knocking. However, even though a bad coil isn’t listed as one of the causes of engine knocking, that doesn’t mean it can’t be … Read more