Midas Muffler Complaints: What You Need to Know


Midas is a well-known automotive service chain specializing in muffler and exhaust system repairs and replacements. It is widely recognized for its extensive range of services and numerous locations nationwide. However, Midas has its share of customer complaints, just like any service provider. Understanding these common issues can help you decide and know what to … Read more

HondaBond: The Go-To Sealant for Oil Pan Applications


Proper materials can make all the difference in automotive repairs, especially in something as vital as an engine’s oil pan. One standout solution is HondaBond, a high-quality sealant well-regarded for its robust adhesion and sealing capabilities. Perfect for environments exposed to oil, coolant, and high temperatures, HondaBond ensures that your oil pan maintains an impeccable … Read more

Can You Use Anti-Seize On Wheel Hub? (Explained)

Wheel hub

Anti-seize is a product that prevents mechanical seizing and galling of bolts and nuts. In the auto industry, anti-seize has many uses. For instance, it is used as a lubricant for certain parts. If you ask around, some car owners claim that anti-seize can also be used on the wheel hub. If you are contemplating … Read more

Can You Reuse Flywheel Bolts? (Explained)

Flywheel bolts

The flywheel is a mechanical device fitted in cars that utilize angular momentum conservation to store rotational energy. Its primary purpose is to smooth out pulses of energy from the combustion of cylinders. Considering the intensity of forces that the flywheel experiences, it is secured to the crankshaft using a set of flywheel bolts. These … Read more

Can You Use White Lithium Grease On Leaf Springs? (Explained)

Leaf spring of car truck,Extra thick

Leaf springs play an essential role in your car’s suspension system. Therefore, they should be maintained regularly so that they can function optimally. One way you can maintain leaf springs is through lubrication. Lubricating a leaf spring minimizes the friction that can lead to wear. Also, lubrication prevents the squeaking of leaf springs. Many lubricants … Read more