Do You Tip At Jiffy Lube? (Solved)

do you tip at Jiffy Lube

Many car owners go to Jiffy Lube for oil changes. Having more than 2000 shops in various locations all over the country, Jiffy Lube is the number one go-to choice for vehicle maintenance services. Jiffy Lube employs mechanics who perform the oil and oil filter changes in their shops. If you visit one of these … Read more

How To Keep Brake Drums From Rusting? (Helpful Tips)

how to keep brake drums from rusting

Any part of your car made of metal, brake drums included, will rust when exposed to water and oxygen. The risk is even higher when you drive on road salt. The latter is often a catalyst for rust and corrosion. Due to their location, brake drums come into close contact with all the above recipes … Read more

Can You Powder Coat An Engine Block? (Explained)

can you powder coat an engine block

Powder coating the engine block results in a cohesive color scheme under your car’s hood. You can choose to either powder coat the entire engine block or some key components. Because the engine block mainly comprises a metal, you can safely powder coat it without worrying about damaging it. When powder coating an engine block, … Read more

Will Marvel Mystery Oil Clean Fuel Injector? (Explained)

will Marvel Mystery oil clean fuel injectors

A dirty or clogged fuel injector can cause misfiring or vibration of the engine. If you are experiencing such, it is high time for you to clean the fuel injectors. There are two options here; either take it to a mechanic for professional cleaning, or you can use fuel injector cleaners. Many car owners prefer … Read more