Will Anti-Theft Light Drain Battery? (Solved)

will anti theft light drain battery

Many things can drain your car’s battery but the anti-theft light isn’t one of them. Understandably, most of us believe that any electrical function that is left on when the car is switched off drains all the power from the battery. Though true, car manufacturers were aware of the dangers of certain electrical functions such … Read more

Why Does My Car Exhaust Smell Like Paint Thinner? (Explained)

why does my car exhaust smell like paint thinner

Considering the important roles your exhaust is tasked with, you should be very keen when you notice any changes. A lot of people don’t often pay much attention to their exhausts. This can however slow engine performance, increase fuel consumption as well as affect how the exhaust removes harmful gasses from the engine. If you … Read more

3 Common MRR Wheels Problems (Explained)

mrr wheels problems

If quality and safety are what you are looking for in a set of wheels, MRR has got you covered. For a company that has got years of experience in developing high-end wheels, MRR has created a legacy for itself in the wheel market. Known for making high-quality cast and rotary forged wheels, as a … Read more

Can Exhaust Headers Be Powder Coated? (Explained)

can exhaust headers be powder coated

There are many types of modifications you can do to your car. Unlike most modifications, coating an exhaust offers more than cosmetic value. It also improves your vehicle’s performance. Exhaust headers are often exposed to constant thermal stress that may affect the vehicle’s performance. The coating ensures you get maximum horsepower gains and the parts … Read more