How To Clean Chromtec Wheels? (Helpful Tips)

Is it your first time owning a car with Chromtec wheels? Are you wondering how you are going to clean them? To kick things off, Chromtec wheels are a new sight to most drivers.

They are designed to look like ordinary chrome-plated wheels but they are better. They last longer, have various style options and are very easy to clean.

So, if you thought that they are hard to maintain because they are different from chrome-plated wheels, you should feel relieved after reading this. Without taking more of your time, let’s head straight into cleaning Chromtec wheels.

how to clean chromtec wheels
DanielGomezCar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Step 1: You should gather cleaning supplies

Despite being a different wheel material from what people are accustomed to, Chromtec wheels don’t need any special cleaning products.

As long as you get your hands on a gentle wheel cleaner and shampoo, your Chromtec wheels will be cleaned easily and you won’t have to worry about damaging them.

So, here is a quick rundown of everything you will need to clean Chromtec wheels; a pH-neutral car shampoo, a gentle wheel cleaner spray, a bucket, wash mitts preferably those made of microfiber, and a soft-bristle wheel brush.

Though durable, Chromtec wheels are not bulletproof. They need to be handled with care and that’s why you should scrub them with a soft bristle brush and nothing else. With the above materials at hand, you can start cleaning the wheels.

Step 2: Spray the Chromtec wheels with a high-pressure washer

Even though you can use an ordinary garden hose, a high-pressure washer makes washing wheels easy. The pressure loosens mud, grime, dirt, and any sort of contaminants that may have bonded on the wheels.

This eases your work later on when scrubbing the dirt off the wheels. Should you not have a high-pressure washer, you can attach a spray nozzle to the end of the hose. This will give the water some pressure.

Step 3: Grab the wheel cleaner and spray it on all the wheels

There are two types of wheel cleaners. Some just need to be sprayed and allowed to sit on the wheels before being rinsed off. Others require you to brush the solution on the wheels.

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your wheel cleaner. This will ensure the cleaner works to perfection.

After brushing the wheel cleaner or letting it sit on the wheels, rinse it off once you are done.

Step 4: Wash the wheels with car shampoo

Most people finish cleaning their Chromtec wheels at step 3, however, we highly recommend cleaning the wheels once more with shampoo. Chromtec is slightly different from other materials.

And even though some wheel cleaners are gentle on this material, it is not advisable to leave traces of wheel cleaner on the surface of Chromtec. This is where car shampoo comes in handy.

And we aren’t talking about those aggressive car shampoos. The ideal shampoo to use on your wheels should be pH neutral and wax-free.

Apply the shampoo and brush it with a soft brush. This removes the chemicals found in wheel cleaners and it gives your wheels a second wash. Therefore guaranteeing that no contaminant is left behind.

Step 5: Rinse the wheels and the surrounding area

Once you are done with cleaning the Chromtec wheels with wheel cleaner and shampoo, you should give the wheels a thorough rinse.

Don’t also forget to pressure spray the wheel wells. Be very generous with the water so that every trace of soap is removed.

There you have it guys. Cleaning Chromtec wheels is that easy. You don’t need any special products and neither do you require a certain set of skills.

Provided you have got a gentle wheel cleaner, a pH-neutral car wash shampoo, a soft brush, and some water, your wheels will always be clean and will last longer.

Are Chromtec Wheels Low Maintenance?

Compared to other materials, it is true that Chromtec wheels are low maintenance. Even if you don’t have a wheel cleaner, you can still get a clean and beautiful finish just by using ordinary car wash shampoo.

For cars that are mostly driven around the city, you don’t even have to wash the Chromtec with shampoo or wheel cleaner. Spraying it with a high-pressure washer is enough to remove dirt, brake dust, and debris from the wheels.

Can I Wax Chromtec Wheels?

Yes, you can wax Chromtec. As a matter of fact, waxing Chromtec doesn’t just give it a beautiful shine, but it also protects that material from deterioration.

Therefore, you can always grab some wax after giving the wheels a deep cleanse and apply it on the Chromtec wheels once they have dried.

Regarding drying this type of wheel, we recommend the use of a microfiber towel. This material is gentle and won’t scratch the Chromtec.

Are Chromtec Wheels Durable?

As long as you wash and wax them regularly, Chromtec wheels can last for a very long period. When this material was first used in certain car models, a lot of people were afraid that it wouldn’t last very long.

However, the time has proven them wrong. Provided you use gentle cleaners and wash the wheels regularly, Chromtec is going to last.

One of the things that can affect the durability of these wheels is using a hard bristle brush. This will scratch the Chromtec and it will wear faster.

Can I Coat Chromtec Wheels?

A good coat will make Chromtec wheels look glossier and be easier to clean. So, yes, if you want to coat these wheels, go ahead. You will be surprised at how easily this material holds up to most coats.

How Do Chromtec Wheels Compare to Other Materials?

Being a more recent design, this material boasts of better and more improved technology. The first thing that draws your attention when you see a Chromtec wheel is the design and finish.

It is impressive and gives your car that modern sleek look. Unlike chrome wheels, Chromtec is very light.

It is also more resistant to the effects of salt and other chemicals that are found on the road during winter.

And as mentioned earlier, they are quite durable and low maintenance. If you clean and take proper care of Chromtec wheels, they can sever you for a long.

Does the Exterior of Chromtec Wheels Come Off?

Not at all. What people have come to love about Chromtec wheels is how strong the metallic exterior bonds to the wheels.

Therefore, no matter how harsh the conditions these wheels are exposed to, they will hold up and look fine. If you try to remove the exterior by force, you may end up damaging the wheels completely.

Can a Touchless Car Wash Damage Chromtec Wheels?

On a popular car forum site, a certain owner made a complaint that a touchless car wash damaged one of his wheels. And this, therefore, begs the question, are Chromtec wheels vulnerable to touchless car washes?

If you look at the post, you will realize that the owner had damaged the wheel initially. Therefore the touchless car wash only extended the damage.

We, therefore, can’t say that Chromtec wheels have such a poor quality that they can be damaged by a touchless car wash.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Chromtec Wheels

If you have already bought a car with Chromtec wheels, your goal should be to ensure they last as long as possible.

And even though cleaning helps, some things can do more harm than good. Here are some of the things you should avoid when cleaning Chromtec wheels;

  • Aggressive wheel cleaners

Indeed there are times when your wheels will get dirty. And you may think that a stronger cleaner is better, but this is very far from the truth.

Aggressive cleaners eat through the Chromtec material and this may cause it to peel. Stick to pH-neutral cleaners.

  • Hard bristle brushes

The harder the brush the more scratches you will get on your wheel. So keep off these completely.

  • Acidic cleaners

An acidic wheel cleaner may be very effective against contaminants, but when you use such a cleaner, you risk damaging the Chromtec wheels.

These wheels are very delicate and will peel easily when exposed to a strong acidic cleaner. Also, if you splash an acidic cleaner, your risk damaging the car paint as well.

  • Failure to rinse the wheels first before washing them

Surprisingly, some people jump straight to washing the wheels without rinsing them with water. You may be in a hurry but the effects of doing this can be severe.

The reason why wheels are rinsed before washing is to loosen and remove surface dirt. Diving straight into scrubbing can scratch the Chromtec. Therefore, always rinse the wheels first.

  • Using paper towels to dry the wheels

Paper towels are rough and will scratch your wheels. Instead, use a microfiber cloth that is softer and has a gentle touch.

  • A regular toothbrush

At times, you may not have a brush for your wheels and decide to be creative and use a toothbrush. This can only remove surface dirt and some toothbrushes have hard bristles.

Invest in soft detailing brushes. These are not only effective and safe to use on chrome wheels, but they can reach all parts of your wheels.