How To Make Wheel Wells Black? (Helpful Tips)

No matter how careful you are with car maintenance, there are some parts you will often neglect. One of these parts is the wheel wells.

Nearly all car owners just give their wheel wells a rinse, very few actually pay attention to it. This is understandable because wheel wells are somehow hidden and not easily noticeable.

When wheel wells are neglected for months, they lose their color and begin to wear out. Of course, the latter will depend on the material found on the wheel wells.

However, this part of the car deserves as much attention as the rest. If you are researching ways on how to make wheel wells black, chances are the ones in your car have turned gray because of dirt build-up.

The good news is that there are a couple of ways on how you can restore the previous look of your wheel wells. And that’s what we are going to discuss below.

how to make wheel wells black

Making Your Wheel Wells Black

There are several ways on how you can make your wheel wells black. We are going to discuss all so that you can choose the method that sounds convenient for you.

  • A thorough wash

The first thing you need to do when you notice your wheel wells don’t look black anymore is to wash that area thoroughly.

Grab a brush, some detergent, water, and get to scrubbing. If the layer of dirt hasn’t eaten through the wheel wells, when washed they will look black. But if the damage is already done, you should consider the alternatives below.

  • Using an undercarriage spray

Various car care brands sell undercarriage sprays that you can use to restore faded wheel wells. Obviously, you will have to clean the area first and then apply the undercarriage spray.

  • Painting them black

This should be your last option as it is a little bit more complicated than the others. If your wheel wells are completely faded and can’t be restored, get some black paint, cover the surrounding areas with tape and get to painting.

Once you are done, learn how to take care of your wheel wells so that they retain that dark finish. The above are the three most effective ways on how you can make wheel wells black. There are temporary fixes to this issue such as using black magic tire wet.

This product keeps the wheel wells black and neat for a couple of days. You will mostly find it in car washes. You can also use tire dressing.

This lasts longer however you will be back to square one once your car drives in a pool of mud. When looking for a tire dressing for your wheel wells, find one that can dissolve dirt.

Keeping your wheel wells clean at all times is a sure way of ensuring they look black. However, most car owners usually realize the importance of this once the wheel wells have already faded.

If you are reading this post and your wheel wells are in perfect shape, ensure they stay that way by cleaning them regularly.

If that’s not the case, you can reverse the damage by following the above tips. When cleaning your wheel wells, avoid strong cleaners that contain bleach. These will eat through your wheel wells’ color and lead to fading.

Can Undercoating Wheel Wells Give it a Fresh New Black Look?

We didn’t list undercoating in the above sub-topic because we believe that it deserves to be discussed separately. Undercoating can do more than just give your wheel wells a fresh new look.

A layer of undercoat will give your wheel wells a deep black color and improve rust protection while reducing road noise.

The benefits provided by undercoating wheel wells are many and as if that’s not enough, this is a project you can easily carry out by yourself.

You will need masking paper and painter’s tape to protect your car paint. And then look for the best undercoat spray for wheel wells and begin enhancing the look of the area surrounding your wheels.

Before undercoating wheel wells, adequate preparation is needed. Ensure you are working in a well-ventilated area and your car paint should be protected. The wheels and the well should be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry.

Afterward, you can shake the unde4rcoat spray and blast it at the wheel wells. To ensure the paint sits perfectly, hold the spray at least 12 inches from the wheel wells, repeat this process to the different wheels and let the undercoat sit for more than two days before taking your car outside for a drive.

What about Wheel Dressing?

Mentioned as another temporary fix when it comes to making wheel wells black, dressing is very popular amongst car owners especially those who drive in urban areas.

In towns, the odds of running into a pool of mud are very low. Therefore, wheel dressing can ensure your wheel wells look black and neat throughout.

Meguiar’s have been known to have the best wheel cleaner and well-dressing product in the market. Spraying it on your wheel wells will ensure they look great for longer.

CG Barebones and DLux are other excellent choices that can help you achieve similar results. These two are very easy to use and the effect appears immediately.

Griot and Armor All are also other excellent wheel dressers. Out of the two, we would recommend Armor All as it is less pricey and does a pretty good job.

The brand you decide to go with should entirely be your choice. Because as you may already know, not all tire dressers are made equally. Some are more effective than others.

A Guide to Cleaning Your Wheel Wells

No matter how much effort you put in cleaning and detailing your tires, if the wheel wells are in terrible condition, they can really affect the overall look of your vehicle.

Earlier, we have already mentioned how important cleaning the wheel wells is when it comes to ensuring they retain their black color.

The same way dirt can ruin your car paint, this is exactly what happens when you leave it on your wheel wells. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your wheel wells so that they can retain a dark and pleasant finish.

1. Physically remove large chunks of mud or dirt. Irrespective of how strong detergent is, it can’t remove huge chunks of dirt.

Therefore, the best option is to do it physically. You can knock off dirt with a brush or use a pressure washer.

2. Get a degreaser, body solvent, or all-purpose cleaner. Considering the amount of filth that is plastered on your wheel wells, you need to use a strong cleaning agent.

Meguiar’s have a great solvent that can break down mud, tar, and any other contaminant that is stuck to your wheel wells. Apply it thoroughly and spread it all over that area.

3. Grab a brush and scrub the dirt off your wheel wells. Repeat this process until the area is clean. There may be areas that are hard to reach, you can use a smaller brush for such.

4. Rinse it off with water and let it dry.

Even though cleaning the wheel wells is a key process in ensuring they retain their dark color, it is important that you take extra measures.

By that, we mean using wheel dressing or an undercarriage spray. After cleaning the wheel wells and letting them dry, spray your dressing or undercarriage spray and let it absorb on the wheel wells. These two will repel dirt and enhance the color of your wheel wells.

Can Installing Liners Help Protect Wheel Well Paint?

Yes, it can. Most cars, especially trucks usually come with wheel well liners and these protect your wheel well from damage and help in color retention.

Liners don’t often last very long but are an excellent alternative that will safeguard the look and color of your wheel wells. If your car didn’t come with liners, you can buy them at your nearest auto-shop and install them.

Why Is It Necessary to Make Your Wheel Wells Black

For starters, black wheel wells look great. They give your car that showroom look. Even if your tires are sparkling clean, a dirty or neglected wheel well will affect its look.

Therefore, whether you are a detailer or car owner who is keen on aesthetics, it is important that the wheel well looks dark and neat.

When a car is brought in for detailing at your shop, making the wheels black goes a long way into ensuring the car looks amazing. You can use the options provided above.

Car owners on the other hand should embrace the habit of taking care of their wheel wells by cleaning them regularly.

Though they aren’t the most visible part of your car, they still need maintenance. Every time you are washing your car, scrub off the mad and tar on your wheel wells and this will prevent them from fading.

Don’t forget that wheel wells play a crucial role in your vehicle, leaving them unattended can lead to wear of the deadening material that reduces road noise. Also, worn-out wheel wells can expose your engine bay to debris and water.